The Hideaway House Concept from Michael Jantzen 1

I was inspired to develop this as a result of various observations regarding certain advancements in high tech fabric structures. The fabrics used to create many of these structures will last for many years in very harsh environments. They are very tough, will hold their color, and are fire resistant as well. I thought it would be useful to design a small fabric vacation house that could be easily placed in almost any sort of environment.

Even though these new high tech fabrics are very durable, they still can be vandalized. When I leave my weekend get away, what could protect it from the possible assault from a vandals knife blade. The answer is the Hide Away House, when you leave you just fold the fabric portion of the structure into several durable vandal resistant hard shells. These shells can be trucked to almost any location along with easy to erect support frames, and surrounding decks. Different numbers, sizes, shapes, and combinations of the shells are mounted in place, the fabric portions of the house fold out in different ways connecting to the frame and or to other shells. The folded out fabric together with the shells form the living spaces. The shells also contain all of the energy gathering and storage systems needed to make the house self-contained. These amenities
could include things like solar water and space heating facilities, solar and or wind electric generating systems, water storage and purification devices, propane gas storage, battery storage, and self contained sewage treatment facilities.

The same shells could also contain all of the furniture and furnishings required for the interior and exterior of the house. All of the furniture and furnishings would be pulled out of the shells after the fabric sections are folded out, and put back inside after the fabric is folded back accordion style, into the shells.

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