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As reviewed in a May 10, 2012, the 3rd edition of the annual Global Green Economy Index (GGEI) will launch this September. It measures perceptions and performance of 27 National & City Green Economies. The GGEI has a new index measuring cities, in addition to the 27 nations already being tracked. The enhanced 2012 GGEI will also feature more in-depth perception survey data and greater geographic sampling in emerging markets, solidifying its position as a leading analytic tool for international stakeholders in the green economy.

Dual Citizen Inc., a Washington-based consultancy, publishes the annual report ranking 27 nations and their main metropolitan area according to their green leadership, domestic green growth policies, cleantech investment climate and commitment to sustainable tourism.

“Nations and cities at various income levels and stages of development are beginning to consolidate their positions in the fast-growing global green economy. The Global Green Economy Index provides these stakeholders with expert perceptions of their standing, a measurement of their performance, and strategic insight on how to employ communications to advance national, city and multilateral agendas in this space,” said Jeremy Tamanini, the founder and lead consultant at Dual Citizen Inc.

The enhanced 3rd edition of the GGEI will include:

Perception survey data and new performance index for 27 urban areas enabling coordination and comparison between national and city green growth and branding. More in-depth perception data for each of the four main dimensions of the index. For example, the national green leadership dimension will provide data on how expert practitioners rank national heads of state, a country’s global media presence, national input to international forums and focus on sustainability in development aid. Enhanced geographic survey sampling in key emerging markets like China, Brazil and India.

Dual Citizen Inc. provides governments and international organizations with analytic tools and strategic communications consulting to advance policy and economic agendas. In addition to the 2012 GGEI, the firm will introduce a social media analysis tool later this year.

For more information contact Jeremy Tamanini – [email protected] To download the 2011 GGEI click here.

The survey component of the GGEI – which polls thousands of practitioners working in the global green economy – is currently underway. To go to the green leadership survey click here.

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