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Nobody likes an unsightly mass of electric power cables. Particularly the sort of cables that like to wrestle each other into an unholy mass of knots the moment your back is turned, and then sit there laughing at you as you wonder once more how it is they manage to do that.

And electric car drivers it would seem are no different. Which explains why companies like Evatran Inc in America are beavering away on a ‘revolutionary’ new device to allow electric car drivers to recharge their batteries without the need for cables and plugs.

In essence a floor mounted pad which uses electromagnetic induction to jump the gap between itself and your car, and fill it up with tasty new electricity while you wander off to the shops or go to the office.

While it sounds fairly high tech and magical, the concept of the wireless transfer of electricity isn’t actually new. As anyone who has watched Back To The Future will know. But it is becoming gradually more available.


Apparently these charging pads will cost about $3k fitted when they start rolling off the production line this year, which means they are highly unlikely to present an immediate cost saving. “Sure Bob, three thousand dollars is a heck of a lot of money, but have you considered how much time I save not having to untangle all those wires? Time is money Bob, time is money.”

Like many such ‘time saving’ devices however, it will sell not because it makes sound economic sense (just yet) but because it’s sexy. It’s a sexy gadget that says to the world, “I like sexy gadgets, particularly green sexy gadgets. Do you want to stroke me?”

Google, for example, have installed a few of them at their HQ in California, because that’s the sort of people they are. Strokable.

Are you?

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