The Entangled Pavilion by Michael Jantzen 0

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The Entangled Pavilion is one in a series of my design studies that explore new ways in which architecture can be reinvented in order to become more responsive to the people who use it. This is a design study for a new kind of interactive architecture.

The structure consists of a large steel support frame (that can be covered with a glass canopy) and four movable steel shade roof segments. Each of the segments are connected to the support frame at a center pivot mast. Two electric powered motorized wheels are attached to the base of each of the shade roof segments. The wheels run in tracks that are mounted around the perimeter of the large support frame. The motorized wheels and perimeter tracks allow each of the four shade roof segments to be moved independently around the support frame into many different configurations. The entire pavilion is powered by a large circular solar panel mounted on the top of the structure.
There is a built-in stationary cylindrical pedestal under the support frame at the center. Mounted onto the top of the pedestal is a large detailed steel model of the Entangled Pavilion, with movable shade roof segments.

Visitors to the pavilion can interact with the full sized structure by moving the segments of the model
into various configurations. When they have formed the model of the pavilion into the desired shape, they simply need to press the “move” button. At this point, the model is automatically held into the selected position until the full size structure automatically moves into the same relative position as the model. In this way, the full sized structure can be formed and reformed continually in order to accommodate the changing needs and/or desires of the visitors.

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