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The CRK Comet is an amazingly designed compact car that could very well take on the future markets as a small-sized vehicle that is powered by the sun. Designed and conceptualized by Brent Carter, the CRK Comet is a cute little car that has a small structure that is very futuristic in design. The upper roof of the car smoothly blends together with the frontal glass that gives is a very cool canopy-like look. From behind the canopy is where the solar photovoltaic cells are affixed that eventually recharge the batteries and are the powerhouse of the CRK Comet. There is a little black compartment that is located exactly beneath the door of the car and that is where the battery of this vehicle is contained. The canopy of the vehicle can open up completely from front to back and then you can exit or enter the vehicle as the doors are very small. The car also has a decent boot space that is situated at the rear end of the car. The outer structure of the car is basically made by using carbon fiber.

This one-seat vehicle is a very Eco-friendly design that utilizes the power of solar energy for its functioning. This vehicle could be a path-breaking concept for the overcrowded and polluted urban cities, where parking is a problem and where the extent of air pollution has exceeded its limits. Apart from that, the deficiency of petroleum in the market and its ever-increasing prices have given enough reason to people all over the world to find new and innovative technologies and inventions to overcome this fuel crisis by tapping clean and renewable energy sources that are found in abundantly in nature such as solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy and so on. Solar-powered vehicles are being developed by even the most reputed auto makers in the industry.

The CRK Comet is a great-looking car that not only is ‘green’ but also has a very futuristic design that would appeal to one and all. This vehicle has been built by using a lot of hi-tech designing that forms the highlight of the CRK Comet. This tiny little solar-powered car would definitely create a buzz in the automobiles market with its cool and stylish look and bright colors. The fact that it is solar-powered would add more value to the car as you would be able to get optimum functionality coupled with an Eco-friendly vehicle that reduces your carbon footprint!

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