The Acoustic iPhone Speaker Dock 0

Very few of us may have fond memories of those antediluvian metallic horns nonchalantly jutting out of our equally quaint gramophones. However, those delectable goosenecks are still not out of vogue, at least when it comes to the Acoustic iPhone Speaker Dock. Designed by Ryan Boase, this musical system fascinatingly fuses the reminiscing essence of antique gramophones with the modernistic allure of contemporary iPhones.

The minimilastic form is pretty evident from the austere timber block, which acts as a pedestal for both the metallic gooseneck and the slot for the iPhone. In fact, the solid form is fully recycled edge glued wood that still retains its natural stain. The designer has also mentioned another model in which the original grains of the wood are covered in a dark walnut dye.

Finally coming to its state of working, the contraption eschews any form of battery or cords for initiating those harmonious musical notes. You just have to place your phone in the aforementioned slot, and the music will get emanated directly from the conspicuously hollow metal horn. This means there is no scope of electricity and hence carbon footprint in the naturalistic device. So, anyone with a craving to listen to those unmitigated, rustic tunes, this bucolic musical set up is the righteous way to go.

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