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Environmentally friendly sports facilities are important for athletes, spectators and the public. If you are interested in whether complexes are becoming sustainable, take a look at these facilities below:

TCF Bank Stadium

1.     TCF Bank Stadium (US)

Located in Minnesota, this is the University of Minnesota’s college stadium that hosts many games throughout the year. It is a LEED certified building which means it received a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification. It achieved the Silver rating which highlighted the excellent features that the stadium has built to be green. This is a fantastic result but the good news does not stop there. 97% of the stadium is made from recycled steel. This further highlights the stadium’s credentials as one of the greenest stadiums in the world. It is also the first collegiate facility to receive the prized LEED certification.


Richmond Olympic Oval

2.     Richmond Olympic Oval (Canada)

This is another popular example of a green sports facility that goes the extra mile. It is a LEED certified building and it was said to be inspired by the local ecology such as lumber. The certification is a Silver rating which is just one grade below Gold. The silver rating shows how sustainable the facility is. Heat energy in the facility can be used in other parts of the building which shows how the green features of this complex go beyond what people expect.


Philips Arena

3.     Philips Arena (US)

This arena is in Atlanta, one of the most buzzing cities of Georgia. It has an LEED certification as well which helps to further its green credentials. This makes it the first ever NBA or NHL arena that has been certified as green in the US. The arena has become more sustainable by working with an agency in order to make the stadium more green.


stade de suisse

4.     Stade de Suisse (Switzerland)

In Bern, this stadium is one of the most popular ones in the country. It meets green criteria because it is powered by solar power. It has solar panels that cover at least 12,000 square metres. In 2005, the stadium took over the headlines in the industry when it won the European Solar Prize.


Croke Park

5.     Croke Park (Republic of Ireland)

This is a carbon neutral sports facility that is dedicated to being a sustainable complex in Dublin. Croke Park has been innovating in all things green and this is shown by the certifications and awards it received. The complex received the ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management System International Standard. As Croke Park is one of the top carbon neutral stadiums in the world, it is focused on being sustainable by establishing environmental policies and protocols. Croke Park also has green features such as advanced energy monitors, solenoid valves in the communal toilets and sourcing electricity for the stadium from environmental resources.

Ultimately, green sports facilities want to be sustainable by reducing consumption of energy within the stadium. Keep your eye on these top 5 stadiums as they continue their quest to be the best green sports facilities for the future.

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