TEP’s ‘rent-a-roof’ would offer cheap solar power for homes 0

arizona residential solar

arizona residential solarArizona’s most abundant natural resource could arguably be the sun. Tucson Electric Power wants to start using more of it by enlisting homeowners to lend it their rooftops, potentially taking business away from smaller solar companies.

The project is still on the drawing board, but it may be a reality in the next couple of months.

To be part of this hypothetical program, a homeowner would be asked for a $250 installation fee.

On the other hand, buying solar panels yourself could cost tens of thousands of dollars. Homeowners wouldn’t own TEP’s system, but they would see some of its benefits.

“It’s not like they will be getting free solar, they will be paying for it in their bill,” said TEP Spokesperson Joe Barrios.

Once the panels are installed, the homeowner’s current electric rates would be locked in for the next 25 years. The power generated from the roof would be fed back into the grid.

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