Stair-Scape Cubes by Michael Jantzen 0

Stair-Scape Cubes are large public art structures made of steel. They are designed to encourage people to gather together and exercise by climbing on the stairs that weave through the giant support frame grids. As people climb the stairs, electricity is generated for the communities in which the Stair-Scape Cubes are installed, through the piezoelectric effect.

Through this process, each time pressure is applied to a step, a small amount of electricity is produced and sent into the local grid. The modular, prefabricated structures, can be made in various sizes and shapes. They can be installed almost anywhere but would ideally be located in a public park. The basic design goal was to create an exciting, fun, interactive public place, in which people can gather together to exercise, and at the same time, become a major tourist attraction that helps to fight obesity. In addition, Stair-Scape Cubes can become ideal places in which to hold special events and athletic competitions.

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