SRP votes to impose new fees on solar customers, SolarCity fights back 0

SRP solar taxSalt River Project (SRP) has voted to impose charges on new solar customers, while at the same time giving their current customers a break from charges — at least for now. However, the move appears to bring the company one step closer to the threat of a lawsuit.

SolarCity threatened to sue SRP for implementing the new charges, alleging the company is attempting to remove customers’ choice of how they receive electricity.

“Customers are smart,” said SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive in a letter to the SRP board. “A 96 percent drop in demand is compelling evidence that the price plan is an unabashed penalty on customers who want to go solar and a deliberate effort to stop new solar installations in SRP’s territory. Customers know the new plan leaves them with no real choice. As a result, solar workers in SRP territory face serious uncertainty as to how long they will be able to earn a living.”


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