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The Paris-based intergovernmental organization, International Energy Agency, plans to make solar power the world’s largest source of electricity by 2050. Solar power is not a new concept. In fact, early developments of solar technologies date back to the 1860s. 

From environmentalists to celebrities, including the likes of Edward Norton, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, and Jim Carrey, all support the further development and deployment of solar energy on a large scale for the masses. To be honest, solar is indeed the future.

According to a recent study by IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency), the world’s total renewable energy was around 2.799 million Megawatts in 2020. Not to forget that 1 megawatt can power nearly 650 homes on average.

The report also shows that solar energy amounted to 713,970 MW back in 2020, with Asia contributing 407,038 MW, followed by 163,466 MW by Europe and 84,540 MW produced by North America. This doesn’t surprise China harbors some of the biggest solar energy stations in the world.

In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at Solar Power International and what is it all about.    

About Solar Power International

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Birthed in 2004, Solar Power International came into being when SEPA (Solar Electric Power Association) and SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association) merged to organize an annual event. This was done solely to bring together companies and professionals pertaining to the solar industry, and by 2008 it became one of the largest solar power conferences in North America. 

While it was previously called Solar Power Conference and Expo, the annual event usually comprised of two main proceedings. First, there is an exhibition where companies promote their product and services with a booth. The second major occurrence is the conference session itself, where groups of solar industry experts share their ideas and success stories. Their latest event took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2019.  

Advertising and Sponsorship 

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As one of the largest and most influential energy trade show in North America, Solar Power International offers you to promote your business and venture to a unique set of audiences from all over the world.

SPI occupies a central position when it comes to comprehensive sustainable solutions and offerings within the industry, and as such, there is a tremendous opportunity for you to create an impression on business magnates and people who have decision-making ability. 

The 2021 event has been scheduled and decided to take place from 20th September to 23rd September this year in New Orleans, LA. As a sponsor, you get to avail yourself of a targeted exhibit floor to reach the right audience and deliver lasting impressions. Anywhere from $25,000 to $35,000 can offer you the opportunity to become a major sponsor during the event.  

Conference before Covid19

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SPI closed their annual event in 2019 on an unimaginable high, and this happened right before COVID-19 hit the global pandemic alert, making every scamper back to safety. As the anchor of North America Smart Energy Week, over 19,000 professionals attended the event, including professionals from hydrogen fuel cells, EV, smart energy, solar, storage, and wind, to name a few. 

700+ exhibitors joined the bandwagon with 200 international exhibitors and attendees from over 110 countries. The event offered more than 24 hours of purely dedicated B2B networking over a period of 4 days with 3,500 C-Suite executives and VPs along with 80% of attendees that held buying power.    

Global Solar Alliance

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An initiative by SPI to offer breakthrough networking opportunities within the solar industry, the Global Solar Alliance, is founded to support professionals and experts at a worldwide scale. Founding members of the Global Solar Alliance include SPI, SNEC PV Power Expo, and SOLAREXPO. Associate members of the alliance include the likes of:

  • Solar Middle East
  • Green Energy Expo
  • & Renewable Energy India Expo

The initiative focuses on key elements such as excellence, leadership, and vision for the future. The purpose is to enable multinational collaborations amongst interested parties to take place and further their networking abilities to work together on national and international level projects and undertakings.   

Future Events

The 2021 featured event comprises of incredible 4-day jam-packed schedule that could keep an environmentalist or enthusiast on their toes. From workshops to exhibitions and conferences, there is something for everyone in the upcoming event. Major attractions by category include the likes of Hydrogen + Fuel Cells, Electric Vehicle International, Smart Energy Marketplace, and Wind Energy International events for dedicated and targeted audiences. 

The first event for this year is planned to start off at 9:30 am on Tuesday, 21st of September, 2021, entitled “Climate Change, Weather and Force Majeure Events: Time to Crack Down on Cracks”. As you can expect, there are a ton of webinars and more general sessions that are also planned for this year’s event.  More events are also enlisted to appear on the official schedule that you can find on the SPI’s website. 

  • Ideas and Success Stories 

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The Technical Symposium is where all the success happens. As one of the most hyped offerings at the annual SPI event, experts worldwide get to participate where scientific communities come together to showcase innovative research in solar and smart energy industries, which makes it great for business owners and policy thought leaders. The Technical Symposium in 2019 at the North America Smart Energy Week was simply incredible, including over 70 sessions and presentations such as:

  • Over the Horizon: Solar Technologies and Uses to Come (backed by US Department of Energy)
  • Solution-Processed Composite Transparent Metal Network Conductors for Next Generation Scalable PV
  • Effective Investment Risk Mitigation and Yield Optimization
  • Impacts of Lower O&M Costs On System Performance and Longevity
  • Turnkey Electrical Systems for Utility-Scale Solar Power Plants
  • Future Designs in High-Efficiency Photovoltaic: Pathways and Markets
  • Quality Assurance for PV Battery Storage Projects
  • TMEIC’s Low-Voltage AC Coupled Storage
  • BESS: Selecting The Right Size and Type of Energy Storage to Support Your PV System
  • Improved ESS Safety Through Early Detection of Thermal Runaway      

Majority of Attendees 

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While most of the attendees during a Solar Power International event are professionals in the solar industry, you would be surprised to know that there are several dedicated educational events for students. In fact, at SPI, students are encouraged to register, plus they are provided with a discounted rate. 

All you have to do is simply submit your college ID. For students who are enrolled in a full-time course of study at a college or university, you need to submit your college advisor’s name to receive a discounted promotional code and send your document’s copy to the SPI customer service email. 

Other than that, people from the press and nonprofit organizations are also encouraged to apply, with nonprofit organizations members also getting a discounted rate for the entire event. However, attendees reporting from a press firm would be first reviewed on a case-by-case basis before being allowed entrance. Tim Morris at SPI can answer further questions. 

Discounted rates are also available for the founding organization members, namely SEIA and SEPA. At SPI, you can usually run into builders, distributors, engineering firms, equipment manufacturers, financiers, investors, law firms, policymakers, project developers, and service providers in the solar industry. 

You also get a chance to meet with government representatives as well as utility representatives.  However, there is no doubt that the majority of SPI attendees are indeed from the US; however, people from China, Japan, and Germany attending the event have grown in number over the years.     

Network of Industrial Professionals


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Lesley Fondren currently holds the position for conducting affairs between all industry partners. If you are also interested in becoming a partner for future related events by SPI, then you can simply visit the Industry Partner Form. The annual event is a stupendous opportunity for you to connect with professionals from various industries and almost every facet that the energy industry has ever come across in recent years. 

However, it is important to know that while the first event doesn’t start until 9:30 am, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, the welcoming at the reception takes place for all those attending the annual event.  Here are some of the industry partners that you are bound to run into this year:

  • California Fuel Cell Partnership – an industry and government collaboration that aims to expand the market for fuel cell electric vehicles powered by hydrogen to reduce emissions.
  • Emerge Alliance is a nonprofit and open network with over 100 organizations that focus on reinventing electric power and forward-thinking standards.
  • FORTH – an organization that is purposed to advancing electric, smart, and shared mobility. Through innovation and engagements, they are transforming the way people get around.
  • NABCEP – North American Board of Certified Energy administers the most respected and widely recognized certifications for solar industry professionals and raising industry standards.
  • Solar Energy International – the SEI’s mission is to deliver industry-leading technical expertise and training for renewable energy to empower people, businesses, and communities worldwide. 

Outlook for Latest Technologies

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At SPI, one major event is the introduction, exhibition, and discussion around the latest solar power technology. This sub-event is usually held in the Start-Up Alley, which is located on the Expo Floor, a dedicated area specifically designed to promote upcoming ideas and notions by companies in the solar industry. 

The feature to the conference is a recent addition and was included ever since 2013. Young learners who opt for a thesis writing service UK should consider attending these events to increase their exposure. Some new applications of solar energy are also discussed, which included the likes of:

  • Floating Solar – this is where wide-scale solar is associated by erecting solar plants on water. French firm Ciel et Terre is currently experimenting with this type of technology.
  • Solar Roadways – scientists are reconnoitering means and ways through which actual highways and road can be lined with solar panels that can be used to deploy large amounts of energy to electrical grids.
  • Space-Based Solar – while similar technologies have been first tested back in the 1980s, space-based solar revolves around satellites that can capture sunlight and use microwaves to beam it back to earth. 
  • Promoting Products and Services

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If you or your company is on the lookout for promoting renewable energy-based products or services, then the SPI Smart Energy Week is just right for you. It offers a place to connect and engage with businesses safely, but you also get to learn a lot and obtain the latest industry insights. You can partake in various segments, including electric vehicle, energy storage, microgrid, hydrogen, and wind, to name a few.  Here are some sublime options:

  • ESI – exhibiting at Energy Storage International offers you the premium stage to let others in North America know about your venture. Great for expanding customer base and meeting new business partners. 
  • MICROGRID – this marketplace features a fully functioning microgrid along with energy management systems and power conversion equipment. 
  • H+FCI – the exhibitors at Hydrogen + Fuel Cells International can gain a terrific return on investment by offering you the perfect platform you need to show off your new technology. 

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Lastly, a word for the two founding members of SEIA and SEPA:

  • The Solar Energy Industries Association was established in 1974 as a national level nonprofit trade association for the solar energy industry in the United States. By 2019 it has been reported to have over 1,000 member companies. It also offers education and outreach programs to facilitate the development of solar energy in the US.
  • The Solar Electric Power Association includes utility-scale solar power plants as well as the local distributed generation with the help of rooftop photovoltaic. Due to their efforts, solar employments have overtaken coal, gas, and oil employment in the US.


Considering the need for the hour where greater use and utilization of renewable energy resources is becoming necessary, Solar Power International is undoubtedly offering a much-needed service. With global warming on the rise and climate change affecting people all over the world, it is high time that we rid ourselves of fossil fuel consumption for good and opt for more sustainable forms of energy. 

Solar Power International may have a long way to go; however, people who seek to reduce their carbon footprint would appreciate its efforts so far. Let us cheer this international movement root for its cause. That’s it for now. All the best for your future endeavors!

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