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We want to get energy from clean energy sources, especially the sun, and if we can make solar power look better, it is possible that solar market acceptance would grow amongst those people who like to combine function and form.

One example of a company that has introduced a gorgeous-looking product in the market is the Swedish company SolTech Energy, which recently won an award for its glass tiles.

SolTech Energy’s solar thermal solutions allow the sun to shine through and reach an absorbing surface underneath. Beneath the absorption fabric, special beams form a column where the air is heated and circulated through the company’s patented technology.

After that, the energy captured is directed into the house and integrated with the house’s existing heating system. It could be either an air or water based system, such as a ground source heat pump, air heat pump, pellet boiler, oil boiler or electric boiler.

SolTech Energy says that typically the system is connected to a water based heating system via an accumulation tank, but it also offers other solutions. The only requirement is that the house has some form of central heating systems.

The company has several products on its portfolio, which differ in application but serve the same overall purpose: capture solar light and convert it into clean heat by integrating the system into the existing structure.

For specs fans, here’s some more precise info: the SolTech Energy system generates about about 350 kWh heat per square meter (10 square ft), depending on several conditions, mainly climate, but also roof angle and cardinal direction.

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