SolarKindle: World’s First Solar E-Reader Cover 0

SoftFocus is now coming with a solar-powered e-reader cover that is not just the first of its kind on the planet, but will also help you charge up your Kindle for a whole three months with one session in the sun. Designed to perfectly fit both Kindle and Kindle Touch, the SolarKindle can power up your device for three whole days after just one hour under the sun. With an in-built LED lamp that is designed for ambient lighting that allows comfortable reading, the solar cover can even provide illumination for fifty straight hours on single charge.

Considering the mobile usage of both Kindle and Kindle Touch, this will help you go completely off the grid and you will never need to plug it in again; at least not for charging needs. Considering the little amount of sunshine that it needs to run for such long hours, the e-reader cover will most likely work almost anywhere on the planet and throughout the year. Available for $79.99, it is surely money well spent.

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