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There are an increasing number of fun, easy to use tools that make going solar easier and easier. If you own a smartphone, today’s app market provides many opportunities for you to do a solar audit at home. One of the best apps is SolarChecker for the iPhone.

Recently made available to the public for free, SolarChecker is a handy tool for determining the amount of energy your home or business can capture from the sun. Compatible with iOS4, and newly updated for HD resolution, SolarChecker uses your phone’s built in magnetic compass and tilt sensors to determine your roof’s pitch while using GPS to find your local solar radiation amounts. By scrutinizing longitude and latitude coordinates, the app locates your roof and predicts the capture rates of solar energy for various seasons and times of day. This app is mostly useful if you are considering installing photovaltaic solar panels.

All of this data is captured without any effort on your part. The only thing left manually to enter is the desired size of your system.  Once your system size is inputted SolarChecker can quickly produce information to estimate your Return on Investment (ROI) on your solar system’s installation; making it easy to understand how soon you’ll see the benefits of having a solar powered building!

SolarChecker makes it fast and simple for anyone with an iPhone to see how you can save money by going solar at your home or business. Once you’ve calculated how much your savings are, it’s always a great idea to schedule an audit with a certified, professional energy auditor who can continue to help you determine your total savings with solar energy. SolarChecker is an excellent place to begin, and your Energy Auditor can walk you through all of the additional available state and federal tax breaks and subsidy options.

You can download the app from Apple iTunes store here.

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