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The main consideration for an investment in solar power is the peace of mind that comes from an investment in a renewable energy source. By investing in solar power for the home, the individual is ensuring that they will be providing a long term power source that is both clean and sustainable for the lifetime of their home. This means that power hungry comforts like air conditioning and central heating and air cost a fraction of what they would if that power is drawn from a traditional source like coal burning power from an electric utility. It is worthwhile to examine the relationship the consumer has with utility company should they decide to install solar power into their homes.

After deciding that solar power is right for their home, the consumer will need to contact a suitable company capable of making the right determination for the solar power needs of the home in question. A company will come on site and determine the physical characteristics of the home in question and determine the best way to maximize a solar power installation on those premises. The company will evaluate the site for effective solar power placement to help determine a cost effective way to generate electricity on the premises. The consumer should realize a couple of things here.

First, the consumer should realize that their home will remain connected to the existing power grid. The utility company needs to be in place to generate power for the consumer on days when solar energy is not enough to meet the energy demand of the home. Plus, the excess power that is generated by the solar system can be sold back to the utility company. Often, a home with an installed solar power unit will not have the resources to store excess power that may be generated. Since the utility company is already tied into the grid with a system designed to effectively manage electricity, it makes sense for the individual consumer to be connected to that system. Occasionally, companies and utilities will even lease their solar panels to the consumer for use with their homes, thereby lessening the initial investment and insuring that installation of solar power systems in homes meets existing standards. This also helps the consumer to navigate the complicated route of regulation and rebate through one reliable source.

The savings from adopting solar power into the home are significant. Although it needs to be stated that the initial investment from the consumer remains high, the long term payoff is often enough for the consumer to offset their initial investment and even make a significant return, depending on the energy usage of their home. Even for a large home with many rooms and high air conditioning usage, solar power can reduce the cost of utilities by a huge portion. The company only needs to determine how effectively the solar system can be installed on the premises to maximize its energy yield. This shiny blue panels provide not only self sustaining power, they also provide comfort and energy piece of mind.

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