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Every solar installer knows that in order for their business to succeed, they must have all the equipment that they need. And one of the types of equipment that they need to have an abundance of is the solar panel. This is because solar panels are the ones that absorb sunlight as a source of energy to generate direct current electricity. In other words, solar panels are the ones that are at the front and center of every solar system, thus making them extremely valuable. That is why solar installers should have quite the stock of solar panels in their inventory. Otherwise, their business will be doomed to fail.

Luckily, there are a ton of manufacturers and wholesalers that can provide you with all kinds of solar panels — whether it’s monocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and many others. Countries such as China and India are particularly known for housing so many of these manufacturers and wholesalers. But there are other regions that have a lot of manufacturers and wholesalers as well. The region of MENA, for example, is a rich source of these companies.

That is why if you’re a solar installation business based in MENA, you don’t need to worry about finding the right manufacturer for you. Chances are you’ll find one within your own region. To help you with your search, here are ten solar panel manufacturers and wholesalers that you can find in MENA.

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Top Solar Panel Manufacturers and Wholesalers in MENA


A.R.E. Group

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The A.R.E. Group was established in October 2014 with the primary goal of bringing state-of-the-art solar solutions and silicon technologies to Egypt. Egypt is one of the most sun-sufficient places in the world with estimated annual sunlight of 2400 hours of solar operation, and because of this, the company wants to harness the country’s extraordinary resources and geographic advantages. As a result, they have created a complete solar manufacturing complex that is capable of producing high-efficiency solar products and components and of maximizing the potential and capabilities of renewable energy solutions in Egypt. Some of A.R.E. Group’s popular products include solar panels, solar glasses, solar cells, and solar water heaters.


SARL Algerian PV Company

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Established in 2010 in Algeria, SARL Algerian PV Company, or ALPV for short, is a company that is engaged primarily in the manufacturing of solar PV panels. The company was initially created on the basis of a former metal processing and plastic injection company, and so, ALPV capitalizes on industrial experience of more than thirty years.

ALPV is located in the industrial area of Tlemcen, and the company is equipped with a modern modular line encapsulation of photovoltaic modules. Additionally, they manufacture photovoltaic modules of various technologies and powers, based on polycrystalline and monocrystalline cells ranging from 100 Wc to 280 Wc. And they also undergo rigorous quality checks so as to make sure that their products are flawless. As a result, ALPV’s solar panels can produce 12 MW every year.


Atom Enerji

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Atom Enerji started operating in the solar energy sector in 2012 in Turkey, but over time, the company’s operations extended to Iraq. Since its establishment, the company has manufactured primarily solar panels and off-grid solar system equipment. In addition to these products, Atom Enerji also offers services in project and engineering solutions as well as turnkey solutions in the implementation of solar projects.

The solar panels that Atom Enerji manufactures come in various voltages and shapes. They also have the standard solar panels in the 5 W to 275 W power range. All in all, their solar panels are well-received by their clients and customers, and Atom Enerji aims to maintain that superior quality.


Aures Solaire

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Aures Solaire is a solar panel manufacturer that is based in Algeria. The company is known for utilizing the NICE (New Industrial Cells Encapsulation) technology, which is an innovative and economical technology used in the encapsulation of photovoltaic cells as well as the manufacture of modules. In addition to the utilization of NICE, Aures Solaire also uses sealing technology that is inspired by the manufacture of double glazing. This sealing material can create an interior volume that is perfectly protected from the outside, including moisture. With all these unique technologies used to manufacture solar panels, it is no surprise that Aures Solaire has managed to capture the attention of so many customers.



>> Aurasol | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Established in April 2011, Aurasol is a company based in Tunisia that engages primarily in the renewable energy sector. The company’s range of activities revolves around the major axes of the Aurasol Industry and Aurasol Solar Projects. Their primary product is solar panel, and Aurasol is dedicated to offering their customers premium solar panels that are associated with higher quality.

Aurasol has proven itself to be a capable solar panel manufacturer not only in Tunisia but also in other countries as well, particularly the ones in Europe and Africa. Because of this, the company has received numerous certifications and labels throughout the years.


Copex Solar Energy Systems and Trading

>> Copex Solar Energy Systems and Trading | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Copex Solar Energy Systems and Trading is a renowned manufacturer of power backup and power conditioning systems that was established in 2012 in Dubai, U.A.E. The company offers a wide range of over 200 products that meet the demand of an equally wide range of segments: residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Some of their popular products include solar panels, off-grid systems, residential inverters, solar charge controllers, solar home light systems, solar lanterns, solar water heaters, and many more.

Copex Solar is considered one of the most admired power solutions providers in the U.A.E. In addition to that, the company has a growing presence in over 50 countries worldwide, and their products have compliance with international certifications of CE and UL and meet European, U.S., and Canadian norms.


Cleanergy Morocco

>> Cleanergy Morocco | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Established in 2010, Cleanergy Morocco is a company created by engineers with long experience in the high technology industrial field as well as practical experience for the preservation of the environment. The company’s primary mission is to offer each customer innovative solutions that will allow them access to electricity without damaging the environment. That is why they have a wide range of photovoltaic products and solutions that are able to meet all the needs of their customers, both within Morocco and outside. Moreover, the company makes sure to undergo rigorous quality checks so as to make sure that all of its products are flawless.


DuSol Industries 

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DuSol Industries is the first PV module manufacturing company that is based in Dubai, U.A.E. The company has a strategic location that caters to the Middle East and African countries, and they have taken advantage of that. Moreover, DuSol has developed a manufacturing facility for PV modules that cater to off-grid and grid markets.

The company’s solar panels come in different sizes, starting from 40 Wp, 50 Wp, 60 Wp, 80 Wp, 100 Wp, 120 Wp, 130 Wp, 150 Wp for off-grid markets and high-efficiency panels of 240 Wp to 260 Wp using 60 polycrystalline cells for grid markets. All of the products have a smart engineering design, thus giving them the interchangeable capability to accommodate the above modules and more with a very quick turnaround time.


Egyptian German Co. Trading and Supply

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Egyptian German Co. Trading and Supply (EGTS) is a company that aims to introduce the solar energy system to the Egyptian market. The company also concentrates on the telecommunications sector since they believe that it is the way to connect people around the world to transfer technologies and progress.

Some of the most popular products that EGTS offers include solar energy systems, photovoltaic technologies, batteries, shelters and enclosures, passive cooling shelters, supply panels and controller units, obstruction lights, and UPS. The company is highly customer-centric, and they can manufacture the products based on their customers’ requirements.


Emirates Insolaire

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Established in 2013 in Dubai, U.A.E., Emirates Insolaire LLC is a joint venture of Dubai Investments PJSC and SwissINSO Inc. that specializes in the manufacturing of solar products. In particular, the company produces and distributes coloured solar glass and coloured PV modules using Kromatix technology. This particular technology allows solar solutions to be completely integrated into the architectural design of all types of buildings. As a result, a whole new world of opportunities is opened, especially in terms of aesthetic building designs and enhanced energy savings.


Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer or Wholesaler of Solar Panels?

Every solar system needs solar panels since they are the ones that absorb sunlight to generate direct current electricity. For this reason, solar installers should have an abundance of solar panels because, without them, their business is practically pointless. And the chief way in order to procure high-quality solar panels is by hiring a well-respected and renowned manufacturer or wholesaler.

Fortunately, manufacturers and wholesalers of solar panels are literally everywhere all over the world. The countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are some of the countries that house quite a ton of these manufacturers and wholesalers. This is because MENA is famously known for being a sunny region, and so, the countries there understandably take advantage of that.

There are so many manufacturers and wholesalers of solar panels out there in MENA, and the ten mentioned in this list are only some of them. These ten are only intended to be a starting ground for your search, not necessarily the end-all-be-all.

So, if you’re a solar installation business based in MENA that is in dire need of solar panels, look through each of the companies mentioned in this list. Read through their histories and achievements. Narrow down the list to the ones that you like. If you want, you can also choose to search for more companies out there. Basically, put extra effort into researching for a manufacturer or wholesaler of solar panels. This is because if you want your business to succeed, then having high-quality, efficient, and durable solar panels is a must. And you have to make sure that the manufacturer or wholesaler that you’ve chosen can grant you that.

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Archived news

I just returned from a fund-raiser hosted by dear friends Jez and LynzieBlacker, who work tirelessly to improve the lives of the poorest of the poor – a great deal of their recent work in Haiti. Characteristically, they’ve been working their tails off over the last few months in an effort to raise money through their charity organization “U2U” to build a new hospital on the Haitian island of La Gonave, an overpopulated,drought-ridden place with horrifyingly few medical resources (one small, primitive hospital with 33 beds for a population of 160,000). Cholera is epidemic, and precious little is being done to stop the toll it’s taking, which is greatest among children.

If you’d like to contribute, I can promise you that nowhere will you find an institution in which a larger percentage of your donations will go directly to providing help to those who need it most. More at

On the renewable energy front, I met some people at the event from Zimbabwe who asked me if I wanted to get involved with U2U in a greater way than sipping wine and bidding on items in a silent auction. I explained that the main contribution I hope to make to the third world will come with the electrification of places that have never had it before – and that it will take the form of clean energy.

One could say that it’s a blessing in disguise that these nations don’t have tons of oil refineries and coal-fired power plants. We can try to provide for these places a kind of leapfrog effect, going directly to renewables – in much the same way that developing countries never had to incur the expense of building terrestrial telephone lines, and skipped directly into cellular telephony.

We’ll see what happens. But again, here’s that link to U2U.


Mulk Holding, a UAE-based oil and construction conglomerate, is ready to break ground next month on a 300m dirham ($81.5m) solar panel factory in Sharjah, as interest in solar power continues to gain momentum in the sun-drenched Middle East.

Mulk says the plant will have a production capacity of 200 megawatts (MW) and be brought to completion next year in Sharjah, the third-largest emirate in the UAE. The factory will generate annual revenues in excess of 1bn dirhams, and act in conjunction with another solar facility Mulk is building in India.

Mulk is currently developing a range of aluminum-based solar panels in partnership with US-based concentrating solar power (CSP) firm Suntrof, which it will commercialize under the brand name Suntrof Mulk Energy. The aluminum panels will be lighter than traditional glass-based solar modules, making them cheaper to transport and easier to install.

The UAE is “the largest market for solar energy right now”, says Shaji Ul Mulk, chairman of the company. Mulk says other emirates such as Dubai are also showing a keen interest in expanding their solar portfolios.

Mulk’s solar division is involved in developing solar arrays within Masdar, the world’s first zero-carbon city being built on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi. Its construction arm is also contracted to build Masdar’s facades.



When we look at a solar irradiance map of the world, it’s no wonder all eyes are focused on the arid deserts of North Africa. The sunrays are intense and provide the optimal climate for utility-scale concentrated solar power (CSP). As one of the first movers in the region, the German government is eager to collaborate with Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Algeria for European investment in electricity infrastructure and renewable energy generation.

According to Bloomberg News, representatives from both the German and Moroccan governments will meetthis week in Rabat to spell out details of solar energy development inthe North African country. Morocco is a strong contender to receiveforeign funding for CSP as it already has an undersea electricity cablerunning to the European continent. Discussions of a water-desalination plant have also been proposed.

These negotiations follow the path laid by Berlin-based Desertec Foundation, an organization attempting to provide the EU-MENA (European Union, Middle East  & North African) region with clean and affordableelectricity. Due to the geography of the area, CSP plays a huge role inDesertec’s development plans, which Bloomberg News reports atgenerating 15% of the EU’s electricity consumption by 2050. AtGetSolar, we’ll be sure to keep our eyes on these talks and the development of CSP in Morocco, as well as Desertec’s involvement in helping the EU-MENA region, obtain cleaner and more affordable power in the long run.


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