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The solar industry in Canada is having a fast-paced growth. The majority of this growth has happened in and around the Ontario solar market, which produces more than 99% of Canada’s solar energy. The Ontario market is among the top 20 solar electricity markets in the world.

Besides Ontario, other provinces and cities are also catching up due to the expansion of the solar market in the country. 

By  2020, solar electricity will account for nearly 1% of total electricity generation in Canada, with a capacity of almost 6,300 megawatts (MW). 

The industry will also create nearly 65,000 job-years, employing around 10,000 people annually. Most of this employment is likely to happen in construction, manufacturing, operations, and maintenance.

In this post, we will talk about the top 15 solar panel installers in Canada. These companies have been picked based on the minimum installation size of 1 MW, small installations, and off-grid/on-grid installation capacity.

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AMP Solar Group

Amp Solar Group is an Ontario-based company that works on flexible, clean energy infrastructure.

The company has completed 32,000 projects to date. Moreover, 2GW investment is in the pipeline, and 1.8 billion capital has been deployed.

Also, in Oct. 2018, Amp Energy closed C$200 million financings in collaboration with ZOMA Capital. According to the company, this financing deal has consolidated its position as a market leader, and will further accelerate the growth process.

Amp Solar Group uses proprietary, technology-based risk management tools to provide affordable and clean solar power with a reliable system and security for customers. 

Arborus Consulting

Arborus Consulting has more than 30 years of track record in energy analysis, design engineering, and consulting for high-performance buildings. 

Arborus has evaluated, designed, and installed more than 100MW of renewable energy projects, which include PV, solar thermal, and others. They also have experience as a developer for utility-scale solar.  

Arborus has developed and installed solar systems in Thousand Islands National Park, Jasper National Park, St-Eugene, Ontario, and even at remote schools in Argentina.

Also, the company has installed solar power generation systems and energy storage while working for remote government facilities and communities.

The energy modelling portfolio of Arborus has more than 700 energy simulations, verification, and technical assistance. The company has a proven track record in modelled technologies, strategies, and their applications.  


Azgard Solar provides a complete range of solar products, including solar panels, solar racking, and inverters with a full turn-key solar system package. 

The company has also designed the SunRanger ground-mounted solar racking system, which is a low cost and low maintenance system. The product is unique as it is seasonally adjustable because it is capable of dealing with harsh weather conditions in Canada. 

Azgard’s most popular service package is the self-installation solar option. It is one of the lowest costs and highest return generating solar systems (can be adjusted manually) in the market.

The company also offers services such as design, installation, operations, and maintenance.  


Bendygo’s areas of specialization are custom design and installation of solar power for businesses, residential buildings, and agriculture.

The company works on a project from scratch such as the initial concept, feasibility assessment, Feed-in Tariff (FIT) contract, and more. 

Bendygo has a solar panel installation team to manage a solar project end-to-end. It provides services such as design, engineering, purchase, construction, and application. 

The company also finances, builds, develops, operates, and maintains solar power projects on land and building rooftops. 

Bur Oak Resources

Bur Oak Resources offers a wide range of services on renewable resources. The main objective of the company is to provide green technology to customers at reasonable prices.  

The company applies green technology for providing cost-effective solutions to customers, who are specifically want to be part of the “Green Movement.” 

Whether the customers are looking for an off-grid energy solution or a net-metering system, Oak Resources has the experience to their specific needs. The company also provides a financing option for projects between 100kW and 10MW, and at a low rate of 6.99% OAC.

Whether customers want to use free power to offset high daytime demands, or need solar energy for brownfield land, the company can take care of everything.  

Canadian Solar

>> Canadian Solar | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Canadian Solar is one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world, not just in Canada, and has business operations in 6 continents.

The company has been in the solar business for more than 18 years, and during this period, it has shipped over 32 GW PV.

The unique selling proposition (USP) of Canadian Solar is that it offers real value by providing high-quality solar panels at affordable rates than most manufacturers.  

The types of solar panels the company offers include shingle mono module (up to 420 W) and bifacial poly PERC module (up to 430 W).  

Key Advantages:

  • Low-cost panels with a better return on investment.
  • Structural product warranty of 10 years.
  • Power production warranty of 97.5% year one and an annual degradation rate of 0.5%.

Overall, Canadian Solar has proved to be a reliable brand over the years.

Gorkon Industries

Gorkon Industries is a well-known name in North America for providing in-house solar photovoltaic design and engineering. 

The complete range of services the company offers are:

Consulting/Project Management: The company can take care of all kinds of solar consulting and project management needs. From doing feasibility studies, equipment design to optimization, the company efficiently manages all the phases.

Development: Gorkon Industries has up-to-date knowledge about the development process of a  solar project. Be it access to capital, FIT/PPA contract applications, and in-house technical expert; they can do it all.

Engineering and Design: The company specializes in solar PV engineering and design. They help customers decide with detailed information about the suitability of installing rooftop or ground-mount system based on space and budget.

EPC and Turnkey Projects: Gorkon Industries executes and delivers a project within the specified time and budget. 

The company also works with industries, government, and universities to stay up-to-date with the latest information and technology.

GP Joule

>> GP Joule | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

GP Joule provides a wide range of renewable energy solutions, be it solar, biogas, or other energy sources. 

The company supports its partners in every step of a project, starting from the initial concept to generating clean energy. GP Joule also maintains plant operations by offering a range of professional services. 

GP Joule designs and manufactures PHLEGON® Single-Axis Tracker, which is an intelligent tracking system for PV ground-mount projects following the path of the sun. 

The company works with developers, landowners, contractors, lenders, investors, utility services, business, municipality, and consumers, and provides sustainable energy solutions.  

GP Joule began its international operations in 2011 and has set up offices in California (USA), New York (USA), and Reußenköge (Germany).

Illuma Energy

Illuma Energy is located in Kingston, Ontario. The company provides reliable solar energy solutions to residential customers, business owners, and industries.

The company has more than 15 years of experience in solar, biomass, and renewables. It has built solar generation systems in Ontario under the FIT and MicroFIT programs that have provided, clean renewable energy to the province. 

Services Offered:

  • Solar Installation and net-metering
  • Off-Grid system and battery Storage
  • Energy auditing and management Controls

Illuma Energy offers high-quality products that are tested in the harshest conditions. The company offers turn-key installations along with 20 years warranties on all products.


Liveoffgrid was established on the principle of educating and helping out clients about solar energy systems. 

The company has 4 years’ experience in the solar industry and more than 10 years’ experience in the electrical industry.

Benefits the company offers: 

  • Reasonable pricing and knowledge
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance services
  • Turn-Key from design to production.
  • Integration with existing systems

Liveoffgrid has delivered projects and generated solar energy between .2kw and 12MW.

MiEnergy Inc.

MiEnergy is one of the largest solar and geothermal energy solutions providers in western Canada. 

The company has more than 16 years’ experience in providing solar and geothermal solutions to over 1,500 residential and commercial clients. It has also provided the following products to communities throughout Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan: 

  • Solar panels for residential customers
  • Solar panels for commercial purpose
  • Solar Panels for communities
  • Solar Panels for farms

By taking services of MiEnergy and investing in solar panels, the residents and business owners of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan have got significant savings each month. 

Despite the continued increase in utility rates, solar panels from MiEnergy can save customers an estimated amount of $14,000 in the first 20 years after installation.

Quadra Power Inc.

Quadra Power Inc. has experience of handling more than 200 MW of direct solar power construction projects.

The company also has vast experience in areas such as business, finance, and engineering for its sister company Quadra Solar Corp.

The competence of Quadra revolves around PV installation, and it has been involved in installations of both small and large-scale development projects across Ontario. The company is also in the process of international expansion. 

Range of services:

  • Ground-Mounted Solar
  • Rooftop Solar
  • Community Solar
  • Solar Canopy
  • Energy Storage
  • Wholesale Purchasing

Quadra serves the public sector, utility, business, and residential customers. By partnering with other energy expert companies, Quadra provides a high-level of project development excellence.

Solar EPC Canada

Solar EPC has been witnessing rapid growth, and it is said to be one of the fastest-growing solar installation companies in Canada. 

According to the company, it takes a positive, honest, and smart approach to its solar PV business. Based on this approach, the company has been able to deploy sustainable and innovative solar energy. 

Solar EPC provides a complete range of services including project engineering, procurement, construction work all over the world. The company works on developmental projects for government, private, and utility grade systems, design layouts, and provides energy solutions. 

When providing renewable energy solutions, the company guides through the entire process: site analysis, system design, installation, and maintenance/monitoring for the life of the system.

Solar Plantation

Solar Plantation has comprehensive experience of installing all types of ground-mounted solar systems, including helical piles, concrete piles, driven piles, pole-mounts, and others. 

The company mainly specializes in working with piles and ground-mounted systems and has worked on many projects in Alberta since 2012. 

Currently, Solar Plantation is the only company in Western Canada that owns and uses local pile driving equipment for constructing utility-scale solar PV projects. 

Combining efficient technology, high skill set, and vast experience, the company makes the solar system installation process simpler and better for both residential and commercial consumers. 

Spark Power Corp

Spark Power Corp. is one of the leading electrical power services and solutions providers. The company has been serving more than 6,500 commercial, industrial, renewable, and agricultural customers as well as utility markets. 

After the implementation of the Green Energy Act in Ontario in 2009, the company has positioned itself as a leader in providing solar-based solutions. It also manages two solar co-operatives, AGRIS Co-op and GECO under long-term contracts.

Services offered:

  • Solar power and electrical
  • Power equipment and controls
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Power advisory and sustainability

Spark Power’s skilled engineering, design, and technical teams deploy complete energy projects and meet the needs of its customers.


Implementing solar energy projects requires skill, experience, and commitment. Renewable energy companies need to focus on all the key areas of solar project construction and development of PV plants

In addition, those companies should have expertise in managing matters related to business, finance, and engineering.

The solar installers listed in this post have been known for their experience, skills, work ethic, and reputation. We will keep updating this list from time-to-time to provide you with unbiased and authentic information on solar energy installers so that you can compare before working with any of these companies. Keep checking our posts!

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