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At the mention of solar power, we often envisage an array of rooftop panels capturing sunlight and converting it to electricity. But there’s more to solar energy and it can take surprisingly small and stylish shapes as well.

Harnessing the power of the sun from accessories is increasingly common, especially to power small gadgets that require little energy. One of the latest solar powered accessories is Greenline’s solar bag, designed by Nite Owl.

The bag produces solar energy through small photovoltaic panels and it makes an ideal companion for those travelling in sunnier places. Greenline says the solar bag works with all devices, including smartphones, iPads and other portable devices. It features more than 13 adapters and it comes with a light battery. It looks great, too.

Greenline’s store will be going live soon and the company will be offering free shipping and 10% discount for the holidays.

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