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The need for solar mobile chargers is increasing all over the world due to the emphasis on using renewable energy

Particularly, India has emerged as a prominent market for manufacturing solar panels and other related products, including solar mobile phone chargers.

Solar energy is unlimited, has low cost, and has zero carbon emission. These benefits are the unique selling propositions (USPs) of this sustainable energy, and that has helped in diversifying this industry. 

The invention of solar mobile phones and related components like solar mobile phone chargers are the result of diversification.

Solar mobile phone chargers are useful for charging mobile phones on the go. Even for backpackers, portable solar mobile phone chargers can be attached to the backpack for charging cell phones.

Solar cell phone chargers are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective as they help consumers reduce electricity bills for consuming power to charge phones.

In this post, we will talk about the top solar mobile charger manufacturers in India that are making a significant contribution to achieving the country’s solar energy targets.

Kavita Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. – Compact & Low-priced Solar Mobile Phone Charger Manufacturer

>> Kavita Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Kavita Solar Energy Pvt Ltd. is a leading solar mobile charger manufacturer in India and has created a niche for itself by producing and supplying portable, compact, and low-priced solar mobile chargers to consumers. 

The company also exports large consignments of solar mobile chargers overseas by taking bulk orders of customized chargers.

Using these solar mobile phone chargers, users can charge within 2 or 3 hours and save time and energy to a great extent. 

Solar mobile chargers also provide a battery backup option as well. 

The company offers six months guarantee to consumers for buying solar mobile chargers. They also provide a power adapter that will help to charge any mobile using solar chargers. 

The solar mobile phone chargers are also compatible with cameras, camcorders, and tablets too. Also, the chargers are easy to use and maintain. 

These solar mobile chargers are available in various designs and colours. The capacity of these chargers is either 1 or 2 watts.

Bharat Solar Energy – B2B & B2C Solar Mobile Phone Charger Manufacturer

>> Bharat Solar Energy | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Bharat Solar Energy is second on the list of the top solar mobile phone charger manufacturing companies in India.  

Bharat Solar Energy is a prominent B2B & B2C solar power company that supplies a variety of solar products, including solar mobile phone chargers in India. 

The turnkey solutions of the company include solar, wind, hybrid power and associated products such as solar panels, solar power backup systems, and others. 

India has been emphasizing solar energy as the future solution to become a superpower in the global renewable energy industry. Reliance on solar energy will ensure that there will be no more black-out and power shortages in the country. 

Besides solar mobile chargers, Bharat Solar Energy also produces and supplies solar fans, solar lights, solar water heaters, solar AC, solar pumps, solar batteries, and other products.  

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Aditya Solar – Solar Cell Phone Charger Manufacturer & OEM Supplier

>> Aditya Solar Energy | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Aditya Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd (erstwhile Aditya Energy Systems) was founded in 2000. Since its inception, the company has been one of the leading Indian manufacturers and OEM suppliers of various solar products, including solar mobile phone chargers. 

The Company has over 11 years of experience in manufacturing solar photovoltaic systems and has supplied to various government and private agencies. The company has offices and branches in Noida and Hyderabad.

The products of Aditya Solar are approved by the Solar Energy Center (SEC) of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). 

The company produces Aditya SMC-1 solar mobile charger, which can be used to charge mobile phones wherever sunlight is available.

The solar mobile chargers are quite useful and portable products, which particularly come in handy when users are not connected to the grid or on the move from one location to another without power backup.

Mobile chargers ensure that users can keep in touch with their family and friends by providing long hours of battery backup.

The solar mobile chargers typically take around 4-5 hours to charge the battery fully.

Apart from solar mobile chargers, Aditya Solar manufactures solar lighting systems of various capacities ranging from few watts to megawatts and caters to domestic and international customers. 

Grace Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd.- Smartphone-Compatible Portable Solar Mobile Phone Manufacturer

>> Grace Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Grace Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd. began its business on solar energy products to provide end-to-end solutions to customers in the global market. 

The company procures, develops and installs solar power systems in an economical price range for residential and commercial customers across the world, including countries such as the US, the UK, Dubai, Africa, China, and Australia.

Among its diverse product line, Grace Renewable specializes in producing solar mobile chargers. These chargers are portable and compatible with a wide range of smartphones. 

The assortment of these solar power mobile chargers is available in various sizes. These are handy and pocket-friendly devices. They are ideal for both day-to-day uses and for carrying along while going for an extended travelling trip.

Other than solar mobile phone chargers, the company also offers solar PV modules, solar generators, solar module mounting structures, solar tracking systems, solar water pumps, and many more.

Grace Renewable Energy has quality certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. These certificates indicate the company’s focus on providing high-quality solar power products from its modern manufacturing facilities to clients around the world.

IFIHOMES – High-powered USB Port-equipped Mobile Phone Charger Manufacturer

>> IFIHOMES | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

IFIHOMES is a Bangalore-based company that provides green technology solutions by offering products that would help people to have a better life. 

As the solar market in India and all over the world is still in the nascent stage, producing high-quality and genuine products will enable us to build credibility among customers. It, in turn, will help take positive steps towards a sustainable future.

IFIHOMES promotes the idea of do-it-yourself (DIY) as part of the process of educating customers. This is why most of the products that the company is promoting are simple and can easily be installed with little or basic knowledge.

When it comes to solar cell phone chargers, the company offers the following chargers:

  • 6 W solar mobile charger panel with USB
  • 12,000 mAh portable solar power bank with dual USB
  • 8,000 mAh portable power bank with dual USB water-resistant cell phone charger
  • 15,000 mAh dual USB portable solar power bank
  • Solar mobile charger with 5 foldable panels
  • 20,000 mAh portable solar power bank
  • 16 W USB port smart solar mobile charger

The company have also started building up their inventory with IOT-enabled switches, sensor, sensor-based lights, security alarms, Alexa controlled light, Wi-Fi doorbell, and accessories, 

The product line also includes a wide range of network cameras for both indoor and outdoor use. 

The outdoor smart solar products of the company not only help to conserve electricity but also their built-in smart features make devices operate independently without the hassles of switches and wires.

Closing Words

Solar mobile phone chargers use solar panels to charge cell phone batteries. These chargers are useful even when there is no electricity supply, unlike electrical mobile phone chargers.

The manufacturers of solar mobile phone chargers in India listed in this post produce solar mobile chargers that can even be used as conventional chargers by plugging into an electrical outlet. 

Some of these chargers have an internal rechargeable battery, which is charged through sunlight and then used to charge mobile phones; and others can charge the phone directly.

If you have a solar products business, bulk purchases of solar mobile phone chargers from any of these manufacturers can help you make your business even more profitable. It is because buying in bulk orders will get you substantial discounts, and you can be a major supplier of solar cell phone chargers in your region.

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