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Now that renewable energy is demonstrated to be more cost-effective than fossil fuels, the market for solar lighting has seen a steady climb. If you’re in the market for commercial solar lighting, we’ve done the research and homework for you. Listed here are the top ten solar lighting companies measured by their product, customer successes, and return on investment. This is not a ranking, but a list of the top companies that deliver a quality product.

Greenshine New Energy

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Located in Lake Forest, California, Greenshine New Energy houses extremely talented, certified professionals that bring their best to the renewable energy table. With 30 years of combined experience under one roof, they’re known to have a lighting-fast response time for whatever solar lighting project you need. With over 5 thousand installations across the world, they carry highly customizable lighting systems that emphasize cost-effectiveness combined with the most efficient photovoltaic panels available on the market–monocrystalline solar panels that pull significant power from the sun even with overcast and cloudy skies.

A vast majority of their projects save their customers several thousands of dollars on day one because of the off-grid design of their lights. They specialize in commercial solar lighting, solar street lighting, solar parking lot lighting, mobile solar towers, portable lighting solutions, and solar signage lighting. The company continues to develop new, innovative products that reduce overall cost and increase efficiency.

Greenshine continues to impress the solar lighting industry because of the sharp minds in lighting fixture development that release cost-effective products for commercial markets. Their latest project overhauled a city’s archaic lighting system while saving the city several thousands of dollars. It’s a company heralded as the most budget-friendly lighting corporation in existence, so if you need quality lighting without a massive bill, purchase from Greenshine.


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Carmanah Technologies Corporation provides solar lighting solutions and signalling for infrastructure projects around the world. With over 400,000 installations in 110 countries, they are prevalent in many communities because of the quality ingrained into their street lighting and school zone projects. They have built a global reputation for delivering innovative, cost-effective, and long-lasting solutions that offer cost savings and ensure environmental sensitivity.

Established in 1996, Carmanah is headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Their brand portfolio includes Sabik Offshore and Sol, which each offer energy-optimized LED solutions that are built to perform in some of the world’s harshest and most remote environments.

Their product portfolio includes systems for pedestrian and driver safety in the traffic market. It also includes industrial and commercial solar-powered LED lighting systems and marking systems for offshore wind farms.

Solar One

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SolarOne Solutions, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells commercial-scale, solar-powered LED lighting systems for use in a variety of outdoor applications such as shelters, parking lots, pathways, streets, pedestrian areas, landscapes, and signage.  They’re a recognized leader in the off-grid outdoor area lighting segment.

In business since 2004, SolarOne initially explored several environmental technologies.  Over time, the company focused its efforts on off-grid lighting solutions enabled by decreasing the costs of both photovoltaic technologies and LED light fixtures. Today, their solar LED lighting systems reduce customers’ environmental footprint while saving them money.

SolarOne’s products and services offer great value to new lighting installations and retrofits of existing systems with older infrastructure.  In addition to offering its own branded lighting solutions, the company partners with leading light fixture manufacturers, enabling it to offer a broad product portfolio while delivering a cost-effective substitute to traditional, costly outdoor lighting systems such as HPS or metal halide.

SolarOne’s solar LED lighting solutions combine its proprietary SO-Bright® technology, which includes solar-generated power and energy management technology, with highly efficient LED lamps. The company has developed proprietary lighting controllers that deliver high reliability and power efficiency on the market. 


>> Eaton | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Eaton is a power management company with a lighting division that excels with a range of innovative and reliable lighting built for either indoor or outdoor environments. They’re an expert lighting corporation with qualified energy products for the North American market serving industrial, retail, commercial, utility, institutional, residential, and other markets. The company is established as a lighting leader that has reported 20 billion dollars of success in 2017. 

An interesting practice of the company is “doing business right” through ethically sourced materials. The company is a member of initiatives such as the Responsible Minerals Initiative which focuses on supply chain transparency for all of its products. It’s one of the most unique and successful lighting companies in the business today because of its business transparency.


>> Acuity | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Acuity Brands is a strong leader in lighting and building management solutions for residential institutional, commercial, institutional, industrial, and infrastructure applications throughout North America and select international markets. The company has had extreme success with net sales nearing 4 billion dollars for 2018 alone. Over 12,000 employees work under the Acuity brand. Their headquarters resides in Atlanta, Georgia with operations throughout Asia and Europe as well.

The company’s lighting and solutions include luminaires, lighting controls, components, controllers for various building systems, power supplies, and prismatic skylights. Among other benefits, their intelligent network systems can optimize energy efficiency and comfort as well as enhance the occupant experience for various indoor and outdoor applications, all the while reducing operating costs. Additionally, the company continues to expand its solutions portfolio, including software and services, to provide a host of other economic benefits resulting from data analytics that enable the “Internet of Things” (“IoT”) and support the advancement of smart buildings, smart cities, and the smart grid.

The company’s tradition, current financial strength, innovation, commitment to a sustainable future, and dedication to technology open up opportunities for extreme growth. You can’t go wrong with choosing this company for your next lighting project. 

Urban Solar

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Urban Solar manufactures LED lighting solutions and solar power systems for applications including parking lots, pathways, streets, and other public areas where lighting is a necessity. Urban Solar has over 75 years of experience in public lighting systems and so each project delivers the highest level of solar-powered LED illumination with the customer as the main focus. 

The company acts as a high-level benchmark for competing for solar companies in the transportation industry. Each of their lighting systems is independently tested for safety and security, ensuring the highest standards on the market today.


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Selux has a whopping 70 years of experience under its belt. Originally branded as Semperlux, it’s a manufacturer that specializes in highly efficient lighting systems for indoor or outdoor environments. Their offices are located in 12 countries across the world. The company “achieves the extraordinary” through their experience of lighting systems and extreme knowledge of materials. Each of their projects is exceptional in design and execution, and a combination of grounded knowledge, proven ability, and first-class lighting tools. Selux is likely the most luxurious brand on the market, and their product lineup demonstrates so.

Signify (Phillips)

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Signify mixes the best of both worlds with high-quality lighting that operates with the Internet of Things (IoT). Their energy-efficient lighting products, systems, and services give their customers superior light in any environment. They are dedicated to improving public areas safer and corporations more productive through the power of their innovative lighting systems. They resonate with an unmatched standard in lighting benefits.

The company houses several scientists that are thought pioneers in creating the brightest and most efficient LED bulbs on the market. Increasing lumen output and reducing power consumption are two main goals of the company, and they achieve greater results with each new product that comes out of their doors.

Signify pioneers beyond simple lighting into connected lighting systems and networks to deliver new services and benefits to customers. Connecting their lights to the online world, it gives greater control and accessibility to everyone. With over 50 million connected light points, over 100 partnerships with universities, and almost 18 thousand patents, Signify is a company that has a standard like no other. Choose this company if you’re looking for the biggest edge in tech.

Green Frog

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Located in Australia, Green Frog is a quality designer and manufacturer of solar street and pathway lighting. The corporation designs solar street light kits that can be used globally. Their systems are built for remote locations without reliable power access in order to reduce reliance on grid energy and cut out costly energy bills. They can design custom lighting systems for a wide range of applications and industries.

Since renewable energy has become increasingly popular, Green Frog has expanded its business into more international territory, including the USA, New Zealand, and the UK. The company has won awards and been recognized at trade shows for its excellence in the renewable energy industry–it’s one of the reasons some customers continue to purchase their products.

Green Frog Systems is known for its credibility, quality, and service because its standards have been assessed against national benchmarks. This level of quality results in meaningful relationships with customers with projects that exceed expectations. Although they’re an Australian company, their success has turned global because of their commitment to quality in all of their solar lighting projects. If you’re looking for quality lighting solutions, turn to Green Frog and they’ll develop what you need.

First Light

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A few hallmarks that describe First Light Technologies perfectly: 90+ years of experience, 20 thousand lighting systems manufactured and shipped, and over a thousand percent growth in a 5-year timespan. These are just a few signs that the company will continue to grow over time. As one of the top solar light manufacturers in the US, some of their clients include Mariott, American Express, and the Luxor resort in Las Vegas.

First Light’s main product is outdoor lighting. Their team works relentlessly to deliver a lighting experience that focuses on simplicity and performance. Their work has been featured in Export Development Canada and Canadian Business magazines and has been recognized throughout the industry as being one of the top companies for outdoor lighting. 

Their lighting systems are put through rigorous testing programs to ensure long-term reliability and performance. Each of their products is tested in extreme environments to ensure universal application. The company, headed by Sean Bourquin and Justin Taverna, seeks to improve its products every day by listening to the market and using customer inspiration. They hold simplicity in high regard.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief list detailing these top LED lighting companies. Each of them has its strengths and weaknesses, but we’re happy to endorse them as the top brands today.

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