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In the business of solar installation, everyone knows that the most popular option among customers is roof-mounted solar systems. This is primarily because roof-mounted solar systems are the ones that customers hear about the most and they are also the ones that are believed to be the most practical. However, even though it is true that roof-mounted solar systems have their benefits, it doesn’t mean that they’re for everybody. So, when you encounter a customer who isn’t a good fit for a roof-mounted solar system, then you as solar installers should be ready to offer an alternative. And one alternative that you can suggest is the solar carport mounting system. 

Solar Carport Mounting System: What Is It?

As the name suggests, a solar carport mounting system is an overhead canopy that is built to cover parking areas. It is distinct from panels that are simply installed onto a preexisting carport structure, and it shares quite a number of similarities with a ground-mounted solar system. The similarity can be seen in the fact that both ground-mounted solar systems and solar carport mounting systems eliminate the need for a surface on which the panels can be mounted. The only obvious difference between these two is the fact that solar carports are taller in terms of structure so as to provide space for a car to park.

The greatest advantage of solar carport mounting systems is that they don’t require additional land for installation. As a result, this kind of solar system offers more efficient use of space than the other kinds, even the ground-mounted ones. Long story short, solar carport mounting systems have fewer restraints and conflicts than their other kinds of solar systems, thus making them preferable for some people. 

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Top Wholesalers of Solar Carport Mounting System in China

Now that you’re aware of the fact that solar carport mounting systems can be more attractive to particular customers, you’d, of course, want to have them in your product list. Luckily for you, there are a ton of manufacturers and wholesalers that can provide quality solar carport mounting systems for you. China, in particular, is a well-known hub for reputable manufacturers and wholesalers, so if you’re a solar installation business based in China, you just have to look within the country to find the right manufacturer or wholesaler for you. 

To help you with your search for solar carport mounting system manufacturers or wholesalers in China, here is a list of companies that you can start looking up. 

Taizhou Jingda Amperex Technology

>> Taizhou Jinga Amperex Technology | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Taizhou Jinga Amperex Technology is a manufacturer that specializes in providing PV system solutions. The members of this company have been active in the photovoltaic industry for over ten years now, and currently, the company has applied for two inventions and three utility model patents. 

This company is primarily known for independently developing a photovoltaic building integration system (BIPV). With that said, they are mainly engaged in the production and installation of BIPV products. But aside from the BIPV products, Amperex also provides solar mounting systems for their customers, particularly the roof-mounted and carport mount ones. The company is highly serious about maintaining the quality of its products. And that dedication has led them to have implemented an annual production capacity of 500 MW. 

Xiamen Antai New Energy Technology (also a solar canopy wholesaler)

>> Xiamen Antai New Energy Technology | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Founded in 2006, Xiamen Antai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., or Antaisolar for short, is a manufacturer that specializes in the design, manufacturing, and sales of aluminum solar racking. The company is headquartered in Xiamen, China but has branches in Australia and Japan as well as offices in numerous other countries in Asia and in South America. 

Antaisolar is dedicated to creating the best products for its customers. That is why the company keeps a keen eye on the overall processes — from the selection of materials up to the process innovations. Additionally, the company provides an anti-pullout test, element content analysis, oxidation coating thickness detection, environmental reliability testing, and many more. 

In terms of their solar system products, the roof-mounted and ground-mounted ones are their most popular, with about 300 MW monthly production capacity. But in addition to that, Antaisolar also offers other kinds of mounting systems such as solar carports and agricultural greenhouses. 

Anhui Heneng New Energy Technology

>> Anhui Heneng New Energy Technology | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Anhui Heneng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that is primarily engaged in the design and installation of integrated solar photovoltaic power generation systems. In other words, the company can provide customers with technical consultation, design, installation, and commissioning of PV power generation systems, PV water lifting systems, wind power generation systems, and wind and solar hybrid power generation systems. In addition to all of that, they also provide other solar products such as solar PV control systems, inverter power supplies, household photovoltaics, and solar carports. 

Anhui Henning New Energy has passed the quality management system. This means that the company can provide customers with high-quality products without any problem at all. As a result, they have a good reputation among their customers, seeing that they completely trust the company for their service. 

Henan Bebon Steel

>> Henan Bebon Steel | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Founded in 2000, Henan Bebon Steel Co., Ltd. is a company that focuses on providing high-quality steel products. The company initially started out supplying to China only, but in 2010, they branched out and began to get involved in the international business. Once they opened up an international business, Bebon Steel received international acclaim from the infrastructure, shipbuilding, and petroleum industries. 

Bebon Steel has four major advantageous products, namely steel plates, steel pipes, stainless steel, and special steel. But the company also accepts customized products based on their customer’s requirements, and they also offer mounting systems, particularly the ground-mounted, roof-mounted, and carport ones. 

Xiamen Broad New Energy Technology (also a solar canopy wholesaler)

>> Xiamen Bochuan Hanjin New Energy Technology | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Xiamen Bochuan Hanjin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., or more commonly known as Broad, is a high-tech enterprise in the photovoltaic industry. The company relies on a strong and perfect R&D and service system to specialize in the research, development, production, and sales of solar photovoltaic-related products. As such, they provide their customers with innovative design, safe and convenient, and cost-effective photovoltaic support system solutions and products. All of their products and services are applicable for home, business, and even large power stations. 

As of right now, Broad has about 200 employees. Aside from that, their products are also sold in numerous countries and regions all over the world, such as the United States, Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Thailand, and Mexico. 

Shanghai Chiko Solar Technology

>> Shanghai Chiko Solar Technology | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Shanghai Chiko Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer in the solar industry that designs and manufactures high-quality solar mounting systems. The mounting systems that they provide are metal roof solar mounting, flat roof solar mounting, ground solar mounting, and carport solar mounting. All of their products are applicable for small or large-scale projects, standard models or tailor-made systems, and everything in between. 

As of right now, Chiko has worked with companies from the United States, Mexico, Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Korea, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, Japan, and many more countries. That is why the company has managed to install about 4 GW worth of solar projects all over the world. 

Xiamen BSLPV Energy

>> Xiamen BSPLV Energy | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Established in 2006, Xiamen BSLPV Energy Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company that specializes in the designing, processing, selling, and constructing of constructional steel. In addition to that, a subsidiary company has been launched to focus on the new project of designing, manufacturing, selling, and servicing energy generating systems. 

BSLPV is known for its solar mounting systems. Additionally, the company makes sure that all of their products meet design standards as well as the strict implementation in the calculation of the Rated Wind Velocity and Compressive Resistance. 

Frontier Technology

>> Frontier Technology | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Established in 2005, Frontier Technology is the first solar tracking system developer in China. As such, the company has been committed to the research, development, production, and sales of products in this industry for over a decade now. Frontier was once the OEM for Sunpower, and the company is also one of the largest rooftop solar racking system suppliers in Australia as of right now. 

The company’s most popular products are its solar mounting systems, particularly roof mounting, ground mounting, and solar carport. But aside from these, they also offer products for the energy storage system, solar panels, solar greenhouse, and many other solar products. 

Frontier takes pride in the fact that the dynamic wind resistance reliability of their racking system can reach up to 270 km/h. In other words, they are proud and confident that their products are of superior quality, thus explaining why they have a good reputation among their customers. 

Clenergy Technology

>> Clenergy | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Clenergy has its genesis in Australia but now has an international presence by setting up branches and offices in countries like China, Germany, Thailand, Japan, the Philippines, and Australia. Now, with over 400 employees around four continents, the company is committed to locally delivering a wide range of products and services. In particular, their mounting systems are considered as industry benchmarks and their large-scale inverters’ leading edge. In addition to the superior quality of its products, Clenergy is also renowned for having a service that is friendly, reliable, and professional.  

Clenergy has a loyal customer base in China as well as in other countries. As a result, the company has established itself as a reliable company of renewable energy. 

Fujian Fenan Aluminum

>> Fujian Fenan Aluminum | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Founded in 1988, Fujian Fenan Aluminum Co., Ltd., also known as the FOEN Group, is a large, comprehensive enterprise that specializes in the production of aluminum profiles, window systems, stainless steel tubes, and curtain wall accessories. In addition to that, the company also offers highly qualified solar mounting solutions and comprehensive services to meet the increasing market demands of the solar mounting structure system. 

The FOEN Group offers products such as ground structures, roof structures, carport systems, floating solar systems, and solar accessories. As of right now, the company has ranked Top 5 among the Aluminum Profile Manufacturers in China, and they also currently have the largest production base for aluminum extrusion in the Fujian province. 

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Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer or Wholesaler of Solar Carport Mounting System?

In our time right now, there are quite a lot of options for solar systems to be installed. Out of all of these options, the most popular one is arguably the roof-mounted solar system. However, even though that’s the case, this kind of solar system is not ideal for every customer. If that’s the case, then you as solar installers should be ready to offer an alternative. And one that you can offer is the solar carport mounting system.

From the name itself, a solar carport is a PV mounting system where the solar panels are fixed on the overhead canopies that cover parking areas. It’s kind of like the ground-mounted solar system, only this time it’s a little taller so as to give space for the car to park. A solar carport has the same advantage as ground-mounted systems have, and that is the fact that it doesn’t require a large space for installation. That advantage alone can be quite attractive to a lot of customers.

With the possibility that customers would want a solar carport instead of the typical roof-mounted solar system, you should have solar carports in your product list. And fortunately, there are countless manufacturers and wholesalers all over the world that can help you with that. Even in China alone, you’ll already find a ton. So, you don’t have to worry about going the extra mile just to find a reliable manufacturer or wholesaler. 

The ten companies mentioned above are only some of the most renowned manufacturers and wholesalers in China. There are still a lot of them out there, but if you’re just starting out your search, this list is a good stepping ground. So, look through each of the companies. Find the ones that you like. And you can search for others if you want. Long story short, be thorough and deliberate in your decision of choosing a manufacturer or wholesaler for you. After all, the quality of your products and your service — and likewise, the success of your business — will highly depend on the company that you’ve chosen. 

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