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Solar energy has become quite popular in this day and age. And because of that, there is also quite a strong rise of organizations and associations that aim to promote this particular form of renewable energy. As solar installers, it’s a great advantage for you to know at least some of these associations. This is because solar associations will be able to provide you with news about the solar industry and organize solar conferences and trade shows. In other words, solar associations can help you grow your business by providing you with the necessary information. 

Luckily for you, every country in the world has its own list of solar associations. To be more particular, India is known for having quite a lot of active solar associations within the country. So, if you’re a solar installation business located in India and you’re looking for potential solar associations to follow, here is a list of ten reputable solar associations within the country. 

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Top Solar Associations in India

Solar Energy Society India


Established in 1978, the Solar Energy Society of India (SESI) is the Indian section of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES). The association’s interests cover all aspects of renewable energy, including characteristics, effects, and methods of use. In addition to that, the association also provides a common ground to all those who are concerned with the nature of and utilization of renewable energy sources. 

SESI is interdisciplinary in nature, and its members are the leading energy researchers and manufacturers of renewable energy systems and devices in the country. As for their activities, the association actively publishes monthly newsletters (aptly named SESI News Letter) and the SESI Journal, which is a bi-annual technical journal that contains papers on renewable energy utilization, technical notes, and other items of interest. Additionally, they host organizations of one-day workshops on selected topics and organizations of the International Congress on Renewable Energy where numerous scientific and technical papers are presented and discussed every year. 

National Solar Energy Federation of India


The National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI) is an umbrella organization of all solar energy stakeholders of India. This particular solar organization works in the area of policy advocacy. They are also a national platform for addressing all issues that are related to solar energy growth in India. NSEFI covers all activities that are related to solar PV, solar thermal, solar agricultural pumps, encouragement to R&D, capacity building, and spreading awareness. 

The membership of NSEFI is very diverse. Some of the groups that are members of this organization are solar developers, manufacturers, EPC contractors, rooftop installers, system integrators, and many more. Additionally, they work in a complementary manner with the central and state governments for achieving India’s national solar target of 100 GW by 2022. 

Indian Solar Manufacturers Association


The Indian Solar Manufacturers Association (ISMA) is a registered association of companies that are engaged in the manufacturing of solar cells, modules, and glass for modules in India. The association’s members represent 80% of the manufacturing capacity in India. They also have the combined investments of Rs 10,000 crores in manufacturing facilities. And finally, the association has an installed capacity of more than 3 GW for cells and 9 GW for modules every year. 

Solar Thermal Federation of India 


The Solar Thermal Federation of India (STFI) is a pan-India association that is working towards the larger interest of the industry. This association has six main objectives: 1) improving the interface with government agencies, 2) creating product standards, 3) collecting and maintaining industry data, 4) communicating and networking, 5) human resources development, and 6) market development. 

The members of STFI are made up of reputable solar companies in India. Some of these companies include Kamal Solar, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., Solar Hitech Geysers, SunRay Empowering Solar Living, Inter Solar, Photon, and Borosil. 

Rajasthan Solar Association


The Rajasthan Solar Association (RSA) is a business organization that is set up under the Rajasthan Non-Trading Companies Act 1960 for the promotion of solar power in Rajasthan. RSA is made up of prestigious members that are top international and national companies. Some of these companies include Vikram Solar, Fortum, Amplus Solar, Sky Power Global, Acme Solar, and many more. 

Since the association’s inception, RSA has played a key role in shaping encouraging solar policies and suitable regulatory frameworks in Rajasthan. Moreover, they also facilitate the industry-academia interface, generate awareness on contemporary industry issues, and promote research in the field of the solar industry.

Karnataka Renewable Energy System Manufacturers Association


Established in 2014, the Karnataka Renewable Energy System Manufacturers Association (KRESMA) is a non-profit association that represents a diverse membership across the industries of solar power, solar heating, wind, biomass, biofuel, and waste-to-energy. The association always works in conjunction with its members so as to achieve the right regulatory framework and incentives for renewable sources to deliver an increasing contribution to the state electricity, heating, and energy needs. 

Some of KRESMA’s esteemed members are Powertronix Systems Ltd., Prolight Systems, Microsun, Sundrop Solar Systems, Southern Batteries Pvt. Ltd., SVL Trading Corporation, and many others. 

Solar Power Developers Association


The Solar Power Developers Association (SPDA) is a national association that represents India’s upcoming solar power generators and developers. The association’s focus is primarily on solar energy generation, and so, they are constantly working to create an environment that is conducive to the development of this nascent sector. Aside from that, they are also working to promote solar energy as the solution for India’s energy security needs. 

In addition to focusing on solar energy generation, SPDA also has initiatives that are focused on policy, strategic, financial, legal, regulatory, and technical issues in the energy sector. 

Solar Energy Association


Solar Energy Association was formed in 2012 when they were concerned with the power crisis in Tamilnadu that was affecting the industries’ productivity and difficulties faced by the people in all walks of life. That is why the primary objective of this association is to promote the development of solar energy in India. In order to achieve this goal, they have pooled in investors, manufacturers, EPC contractors, suppliers, and state government bodies to do the solar energy parks in a faster and proper manner at an affordable cost. 

As of right now, Solar Energy Association has two major plans for their future. The first is to appoint the world’s best consultants to find out the best state-of-the-art technology, the right equipment, the right price for bulk purchases, etc. And the second plan is to open regional offices in Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, etc. 

Indian Federation of Green Energy


Founded in 2015, the Indian Federation of Green Energy (IFGE) is a partnership of committed groups of visionaries and stakeholders from diverse industries, businesses, and services for creating a sustainable energy ecosystem and mitigating challenges and concerns. IFGE is an umbrella organization as it represents the interests of the entirety of the national renewable energy sector — bio-energy, solar, wind, hydro, tidal, geothermal, and the like.

IFGE focuses on the area of green energy because they want to promote energy security in a sustainable manner. And aside from that, it is also the association’s goal to promote India’s viewpoint on economic development without compromising on the global issue. 

Solar Energy Corporation of India


Established in September 2011, the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) is a CPSU under the administrative control of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). This association is the only CPSU that is dedicated to the solar energy sector, and it was created to facilitate the implementation of JNNSM and the achievement of targets set therein. 

In the present outlook of the renewable energy sector in India, particularly in solar energy, SECI has a major role to play in its development. For one thing, the association is responsible for the implementation of a number of schemes of MNRE, such as the VGF schemes for large-scale grid-connected projects under JNNSM and solar park schemes. And for another, SECI has ventured into solar project developments on turnkey bases for several PSUs. Additionally, the association also has a power trading license and is active in this domain. 

Takeaway: Looking for Solar Associations in India to Follow?

As solar installers, one of the crucial things that you have to do is to remain updated on the current news of the solar industry. There are many ways to achieve that, but one foolproof way is to follow solar associations. After all, solar associations are groups that are formed with the singular goal of promoting solar energy, so of course, they will be up-to-date with the solar industry. Aside from that, solar associations also organize conferences and trade shows where solar professionals congregate. Long story short, solar associations are important for your business because they keep you well-informed as well as offer you opportunities for networking. 

Fortunately, there are solar associations in every country of the world. India, in particular, has a roster of them, which is great news if your solar installation business is in this country. The ten mentioned above are only some of the reputable ones. There are obviously more associations and organizations dedicated to solar out there, but this list is a good starting ground. 

So, follow these solar associations and find others that are mentioned. Take advantage of the benefits that these solar associations for you, and your solar installation business will undoubtedly grow.

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