Solar Energy Guest Posting Opportunities

Please read the instructions and requirements below before submitting a guest post pitch or an article writing sample. Be sure to check the articles on SolarFeeds first before proposing a topic to avoid overlapping!

*As our traffic soaring, we receive a lot of requests, so be sure to follow all the instructions and requirements above for your guest post pitches and article writing samples to be considered.



Are you looking for blogs to publish your articles on Solar Power, Cleantech, Solar Installation, Renewable Energy Topics?

Take a look at SolarFeeds Magazine!

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solar guest posting example
Example: solar guest posting that ranks well in Google

Do you want to have the right to brag about your expertise to your friends like this: “If you Google [commercial solar project financing], my article ranks at the first page of Google.”

So yes, if you’re a commercial solar project financing expert and when people Google “commercial solar project financing”, you want your article to rank at NO.1, let’s talk!
Yes, we will make it happen: your article about “Solar + [your expertize]” will rank at the first page of Google if you follow our guideline.


What Guest Post Topics Do We Want You to Write for Us?

The topics should be in the niche of Solar Project Construction, Cleantech, and Solar Installation.

They also should be industry-facing topics.

Examples of solar energy topics (especially for USA solar installers):

  • COVID-19 Impact on solar battery market in the USA
  • How Solar Energy Companies Can Use Content Marketing (topic available)
  • Creating an Effective Solar Email Marketing Schedule for Solar Companies (topic available)
  • Here’s why Solar Companies Need a Social Media Marketing Strategy (topic available)
  • How to Generate More Leads for my Residential Solar Business?

Examples of wind power topics:

  • Wind power statistics in US 2019 (topic available)
  • Top 10 largest wind farms in the world (topic available)
  • How much do wholesale wind turbines cost? (topic available)
  • Wind farm construction best practices (topic available)
  • Wind farm construction legal document checklist (topic available)
  • Offshore wind vs. in-land wind farms (topic available)

Please be sure to pitch a topic or send an article that’s not yet written in our site and on other sites. We want an exclusive article writing sample submission ONLY to


Guest post NO.1 requirement: Epic Post (2000+words/post)

We always say: “We’re not for everyone. ” This applies to our guest posting guideline as well. If you’re here only for our juicy backlinks, we’re not a good fit.

Currently, we’re laser focusing on evergreen content, which means we’re ONLY looking for “Epic Posts“.


SolarFeeds’s Guest Posting Guideline

  • You want to rank your article at top 5 of the 1st page of SERP, not just to get backlinks;
  • You want to provide valuable insights for solar professionals to benefit the whole industry, not just to promote your business.
  • Minimal word count: 2000 or more words/article. Insane, huh? Are you scared?
  • Type of Content: In-depth articles and evergreen “Epic Posts”.;
  • Target audience: Our readers are solar professionals and solar industry insider (not consumers).
  • Purpose of the Content: To educate solar professionals and provide in-depth answers, best practices, market analysis, etc. We will ask for revisions when it’s not aligned with our purpose.
  • Style/Tone: Conversational, as if talking to the reader 1-on-1, keep in mind that you’re trying to provide an easy-to-understand answer to the audience.
  • Original and Exclusive: Article has not been published on other websites
  • We reserve the right to ask for revisions and make changes on the submitted content (including the title and content) as and when needed.

* By submitting your guest post inquiry, you’re agreeing to our requirements above, our terms and conditions.


HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR CONTENT? (propose your topics FIRST)

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*As our traffic soaring, we receive a lot of requests, so be sure to follow all the instructions and requirements above for your guest post pitches and article writing samples to be considered.

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