Solar SEO Training


Ready to see what SEO can do for solar business?

Why SEO for Solar Companies?

local business

Off-time methods are becoming more challenging

content management

“Google it” – It’s a part of everyday life now. When someone Googles “solar companies in [City name]”, they are already interested


Free traffic and high ROI: Unlike Google Ads, organic traffic is free (kind of..)


Most of your competitors are not taking advantage of SEO

Why Choose Us for SEO Training?

We’ve thoroughly studied EnergySage

We specialize in solar and solar ONLY

We’ve thoroughly studied EnergySage

We eat our dog food, doing what we preach: our website traffic went from 1200uv to 3500 visitors in ONE month

How Our SEO Training Is

6 weeks of 1-ON-1 hand-holding and coaching

  • Our train covers some marketing fundamentals as well: buyer personas, buyer’s journey
  • We choose to ”Do it with you” over “Do it for you”. We’re the “Alfred” and your team is the “Batman”
  • We give writing/dev. guidelines that prevent future web re-designs that wipe out your SEO effort
  • Based on EnergySage’s top-performing pages, we help you develop a long-term strategy

Our SEO Training Process

(SEO Action Plan + 1-ON-1 Workshop)

Our 6-Week-SEO-Training covers:

Onsite audit & planto fix your site

Identity some low-hanging fruits

SEO on service-pages & SEO

An SEO guideline for a web developer.

(prevents future web re-designs that wipe

out your SEO effort)

An SEO Guideline for Writers & Editors –

Our dummy-proof document can serve

as training materials for new writers

The BEST part is

We leave you homework & give your team feedback every week!

 A Competitor Analysis that shows your

team some good examples that you

can “steal” strategies and tactics from

Local citation –

Local citation helps

you strengthen your

domain authority§

EnergySage’s top performing blogs (Yes, that’s right)

Ever wondering how EnergySage

generates their leads?

Well, you’re in for a treat.

Let’s look at their SEO Content strategy behind it.

 We want to maximize our impact. As a result, we try to only traing solar companies with good execution.


So, here are the requirements to enroll in this workshop. 

Who We're For

Solar companies ONLY

Been around for at least 2 years

Have (or want to reach)$1 million revenue

Have at least one person dedicated to marketing

FAQ about our SEO Training Workshop

We charge U$8600 (one-time fee) which can be paid in two installments. It’s extremely likely to become the best investment of your business if you can follow our instruction. Remember, there are thousands of Google searches about solar energy in almost all cities EVERY single month.

We also have a stand-alone mini-course that cost only $99 for tight-budgeted solar companies.

As we have shown above, it’s an 1-ON-1 Workshop that last 6 weeks. For 3 hours/week, our CMO Willie Jiang personally takes the time to conduct video conference with your team each time.

The short answer is 1 to 10 months.

The long answer is that it depends. Factors like the compitition, age of your domain, quality of your web content, social media activity can all affect your “Payback Period”.

To understand it better, you also need to know there are actually two types of webpages we are trying to rannk:

  • Blog posts: 1 to 5 months
  • Pages about your services(including homepage): 3 to 10 months

Pages about your services

For SEO, service-pages (including homepage) are usually optimized to ranking for terms like:

  • solar installation in [City Name]
  • solar companies in [City Name]
  • solar installation for hospitals

They are usually reffered as “main keywords” which. Ranking “money pages” well WILL generate tons of leads for you. But it usually takes longer than blog posts.


Blog posts to answer potential solar customers’ questions

This usually the

  • How much does a solar installation cost in [City Name]?
  • Solar rebate programs in [State/Province Name]
  • Solar initiatives in [State/Province Name]
  • Is it economical to have rooftop solar in [City Name]?
  • Financing options for solar projects in [State/Province Name]

In the world of SEO, these kinds of questions are called “long-tail keywords”. These phrases primarily differ from “main keywords” in which “solar company + [City name]” is an example. In most cases, “long-tail keywords” represent a huge missed opportunity for solar companies because EVEN a lot of SEO firms aren’t good at combining SEO with content marketing.

At this moment, we do not offer other lead generation services.

Here’s a little dirty secrect of digital marketing space: full-service agencies are usually full of crap. Most of the so-called “full-service agencies” will tell you they can do everything: web design, branding, PR, social media marketing, PPC and Email marketing. In reality, they hardly ever deliver the intended results. Typically, these agencies are good at one or two things if you’re lucky, then outsource these services other remote teams. If you’re looking for 10X growth in any channels, you need a subject matter expert of that channel!

That’s why we partner with subject matter experts! Here’s a list of our affliate business:

  • Web design for solar
  • Branding for solar
  • PR for cleantech
  • Social media marketing for solar

Please contact us for refferrals.

We ONLY work with 5 different solar companies in the each city and there are 10 listings on the first page of Google.

This SEO Training Workshop is exclusively for solar installation service providers and sola lead generation companies. However, we do provide custom SEO Training for cleantech companies, please contact us for more details.

If you’re talking about Google Ads, then yes, you can. See there is Ad in a little green box?  That’s one of the Google Ads listings.

Local seo example

However, it’s also important to understand the difference between organic results and paid search listing(PPC).  And “NO”, you can NOT pay Google to rank your website higher in organic results. That’s where SEO comes in.

The ranking of the organic search results is determined by the famous Google Algorithm — dubbed as the “Google ranking system” — and this algorithm considers over 200 factors. SEO is a process of optimizing the your website based on these factors.

Yes, you can. However, we only do SEO for solar companies that meet these requirments:

  • Have U$6000+ monthly marketing budget;
  • Have 6+ months commitment with us;

We usually prefer to ”Do it with you” rather than “Do it for you”. We believe that it’s better to invest in training your team, because they’re your biggest asset. We always recommend that taking SEO Training is the most cost-effective way to leverage SEO.  

A company is not only defined by what clients we say “YES” to, but also by whom we say “NO” to. Let’s save each other some grief by doing this upfront.

If you’re as follows, we’re not for you:

Companies that are not in the solar industry

  Companies that do not have a website

Companies that do not have a marketing budget

Companies that do not have at least one person dedicated to marketing

Companies that are not coachable: You have your own way of doing marketing? That’s fine…but we’re probably not a good fit.

Check if there are spots left in your city