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Every small office needs to ensure that the energy costs are minimized. A small business that chooses to take small environmentally steps are able to help reduce energy costs and help the environment simultaneously. A few easy steps will increase a business’s profit margin and help the environment. One easy step to a greener office is to use recycled paper and electronics. Turning off and unplugging all electronic items daily will provide money savings to any office.


Printers require ink and toner that is often very expensive to purchase. Some printer companies will offer a business a free printer to lock them into purchasing the companies expensive ink cartridges. A small business will save money and energy by placing files onto a flash drive and having a big box store perform their printing. Big box stores have printers that are high quality and environmentally friendly compared to personal printers. The cost per page is cheaper than most office print jobs.


A small business is usually able to easily manage their business needs with a laptop. A business is able to save money on computer equipment that is refurbished. Buying a refurbished laptop helps the environment and increases a company’s profit margin. Recycled materials and power saving options on a laptop will help reduce daily energy costs. Buying an Eco-button for a computer reminds the user to use the power saving mode and provides daily statistics on the amount of power saved.


Small businesses do not require the use of several incoming lines anymore. A VOIP or internet based phone line will save money and energy. The phone is able to be used even if the computer is turned off allowing customers to call in after hours. Cell phones are a good option for the small business due to their portability and affordable pricing.


All small businesses must have a programmable thermostat to save on energy costs. Setting the thermostat to a higher temperature when no one is in the office has the ability to save a large amount of money each month. The small business that is able to produce $40.00 a month in energy savings increases their bottom line by $480.00 a year. Checking with energy comparison websites to find cheap gas and electricity rates will offer the small business owner the means of finding the best possible energy deals and savings options. A business that uses wind turbines or sustainable energy products is often able to obtain tax incentives from the government.

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