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In the Solar PV industry, tiers, rankings and scorecards of solar manufacturers matter a lot, particularly to solar contractors and end-consumers. Generally, these ranking lists served as primary sources for all the leading solar manufacturers in the global market. Through this scorecard, customers and financing companies/banks are able to determine which solar brands are profitable and which ones offer the best solar PV products in the market.

In this article, we are going to show you the PVEL’s methodology and product qualification program as well as the complete scorecard from the past four consecutive years, starting from 2018 to 2021.  

Overview: What is PVEL Top Performers Scorecard?

Same with the third-party organization PV analystBloomberg New Energy Finance, the PV Evolution Labs or PVEL also releases an annual list of top-performing solar manufacturers across the globe. Generally, the annual PVEL top performers or reliability scorecard is a collection of solar panel stress tests results and it is mainly focused on the solar module’s specified and verified subcomponent bills of materials

The PVEL’s latest (7th edition) PV Module Reliability Scorecard (2021) reveals that after a thorough field testing, a hundred total solar modules from 26 top solar manufacturers managed to pass the reliability scorecard. You can get a free download of the complete scorecard at modulescorecard.pvel.com

In the past four consecutive years, the solar PV industry has seen the greatest improvement in the general production of solar panels, globally. From the solar panel capacity, style and types to solar cell technologies and other general practices, PVEL hails the significant innovation on PV modules technical advances. However, amidst the significant innovation, PVEL discover some module failures, so in its scorecard seventh edition, they provided a few actionable insights for PV module procurement based on data gathered from their field testing and research.

Methodology: PVEL’s Product Qualification Program

PVEL has its own product qualification program that they are using to rank the solar manufacturers in the world. Generally, the reliability scorecard rankings for manufacturers are solely based on the final results of the PV modules’ performance from their PQP. 

The Product Qualification Program of PVEL is designed uniquely in the Solar PV marketplace to provide reliable data to help solar PV end-users, contractors, investors and asset owners choose which solar module’ brands have the best performance. It carries a reliable and consistent methodical series of tests and offers objective supplier evaluations and rigorous due diligence.

The main goals of the PVEL’s PQP are to:

  • To provide solar project developers, investors and asset owners with independent, consistent reliability and performance data for effective supplier management.
  • To independently recognize manufacturers who outpace their competitors in product quality and durability.

The PQP is now a required step in procurement risk mitigation for developers around the world. PQP reports are complimentary for downstream companies.

How Do Solar Module Manufacturers List in PVEL’s Scorecard?

Every solar manufacturer’s PV products undergo a series of lab testing and research before they were listed on the scorecard. Generally, top performers/manufacturers are determined by the final average of the results of every bill of materials (BoM) and that is under the same model type. Typically, individual BoMs are not marketed and sold to the public, but PVEL’s PQP reports manage to obtain BOMs that performed well in testing.

Furthermore, Not all PV modules or model types are represented per test sequence and solar manufacturers with high final average results have a leeway to be listed or not on the Scorecard. 

Whereas, for solar manufacturers to be eligible for PVEL Reliability Scorecard, they must have:

  • Completed the factory witness within 18 months of the current year.
  • Submitted BOMs to all test sequences in the PQP.
  • Submitted at least two factory-witnessed PV module samples per test sequence.

PVEL Top Performers Scorecard in the Past 4 Years (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)

Each set of results for PVEL’s Top Performers is subjected to change every year. Not all solar manufacturers remain listed every year since they undergo a sequence of tests, annually. Besides, being included in the last year’s scorecard does not guarantee a spot for the next listings, especially if solar manufacturers always make some changes on their solar modules BoMs yearly. 

Usually, the PVEL’s top performers/manufacturers list is arranged by model type and in alphabetical order. Also, each PV module reliability scorecard is divided into PQP test categories.

We have provided here the complete list of PVEL’s Top Performing PV Module manufacturers for four consecutive years (2018,2019,2020,2021). The provided scorecard lists are based on the final average of the results of the BoM of solar modules.

PVEL Top Performers Scorecard in 2018

Here’s the complete list of PVEL’s Top Performing PV Module manufacturers for 2018. The scorecard lists below are based on the final average of the results of the BoM.

PVEL Top Performers Scorecard in 2019

Here is the list of all solar manufacturers with a bill of materials that have the best performance in 2019 and managed to be on the PVEL Top Performers list:

PVEL Top Performers Scorecard in 2020

Here is the list of all solar module manufacturers with the best performance and qualified BoMs in 2020 and managed to be on the PVEL Top Performers list:

The scorecard lists above are based on the final average of the results of the BoM.

PVEL Top Performers Scorecard in 2021

With the PVEL’s latest PV module reliability scorecard, many new solar manufacturers managed to get a spot. Here is the list of all solar module manufacturers with the best performance and qualified BoMs in 2021 and managed to be on the PVEL Top Performers list:

We have separately listed the new solar manufacturers that made it to the 2021 PVEL’s Reliability Scorecard. They are as follows:

Refinement: PVEL Top Performers Scorecard in 2018 to 2021 (Who remains on the list for four consecutive years?)

After thorough checking, we have come up with the complete list of top-performing solar manufacturers that consistently made it to the PVEL Reliability Scorecard for four consecutive years (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021). They are the following:

How Important it is to be Listed on PVEL Top Performers Scorecard?

In almost every industry and niche, rankings are always present for there are hundreds of companies, manufacturers and brands continuously competing with one another to gain end-consumers trust and loyalty. And that also applies to the Solar PV industry. Rankings or Tiering systems become prominent and every solar manufacturer and provider is eager to gain a spot in one of those tiering systems. 

In a world full of fabricated data, the biggest struggle of solar consumers and contractors is finding accurate and reliable data. Fortunately, there are a few reputable third-party solar companies such as BloombergNEF Tier 1 PV Modules List, PVEL Top Performers Scoreboard, and PV Module Index Report (by RETC) that provide reliable and accurate tiering systems for solar module manufacturers. 

Being included in the PVEL Top Performers Scorecard makes a huge good impact on every manufacturer that got listed. These solar manufacturers gained a good reputation, have doubled their annual sales report and raised their brands’ popularity in the global market. Being included in the list guarantees that the solar modules passed high standards and are indeed good deals to opt for. For that reason, many solar end-users, contractors and financing companies are eventually switching to these solar providers. 

Editor’s Comment:

Based on the complete PVEL Module Reliability Scorecard although only a few solar manufacturers managed to remain its spot on the scorecard list for four consecutive years, many new solar manufacturers got listed in the 17th edition (latest) of PVEL Module Reliability Scorecard. Most of the top performers in 2021 had desirable test results in PVEL’s PQP. 

However, PVEL states that their PQP should not be the only source of data that solar customers and contractors should look into when it comes to choosing the best and reliable solar manufacturers.

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