SolarFeeds Partners with ETE Solar to Make Solar Panels More Accessible in the U.S. Comments Off on SolarFeeds Partners with ETE Solar to Make Solar Panels More Accessible in the U.S.

We’re excited to announce that SolarFeeds has joined forces with Earthtech Enterprises, Inc (dba, ETE Solar)., a California-based solar distributor to bring solar materials to the North American market. This collaboration stems from the ongoing solar panel supply shortage in the U.S., which industry analysts have attributed to the COVID-19 resurgence and the imposed tariff on Chinese made solar panel, among others.

The supply chain issues are further fuelled by a formal investigation into the circumvention of existing duties on panels and cells by Chinese manufacturers who have outsourced the production of CSPV solar components to affiliated assembly plants in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. This is in addition to the section 201 tariff provision modified by the Biden administration.

In light of these challenges, SolarFeeds has developed an alternative supply chain, with an initial focus on providing high-quality, low-cost solar cells for solar modules in the U.S. That way, and with Earthtech’s help, contractors, installers, and developers need not worry any longer about sourcing overseas or paying exorbitant tariffs. Even better, they don’t have to wait for the next import relief.

In a brief statement on the partnership, our CEO commended the company on “continuing to find innovative ways to help the market,” adding that ETE Solar. would “be a great resource for us to continue our momentum in this country.” Speaking further on its benefits to U.S. consumers, the representative said, “We can create a reliable supply of solar panels in North America at a price point that is cost-competitive with Chinese and other competitors in the marketplace.”

This statement is great news for customers and the construction industry as a whole. Not only will it help keep costs down, but it will also help to speed up the construction process. Regarding pricing, SolarFeeds notes that distributors looking to purchase solar panels from the retail sector would pay heavily and earn small profits, the latter owing to high market prices. For franchisees, the cost of gaining entry into the wholesale market is significant.

As such, the company recommends partnering with solar panel manufacturers to“establish a mutual distribution agreement” to secure a stable supply while also enjoying attractive profits, which is what it has done in its case. That way, other distributors, franchisees, and users can benefit from the economies of scale and an improved supply situation.

What’s more, SolarFeeds distributed panels are made with top-tier materials and undergo rigorous quality control tests, ensuring that they meet the highest standards in the industry. From utility-scale to rooftop solar panels, each product comes in several configurations to suit a wide variety of customers’ needs. In addition, installation is performed by certified contractors who ensure that each unit is installed in line with the latest safety regulations.

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