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[ Vancouver, 2023 November 28] – SolarFeeds, a leading platform in the solar energy industry, is excited to announce the acquisition of, a move that significantly enhances its offerings and reach in the solar market. is renowned for simplifying the process for buyers and contractors to find trusted solar suppliers quickly and effortlessly, with no login requirements and free of charge. Additionally, SolarFeeds provides an invaluable platform for suppliers and manufacturers of solar panels, inverters, BOS equipment, and more, connecting them with pre-qualified buyers without any additional cost.

This acquisition marks a significant milestone in SolarFeeds’ mission to streamline the solar procurement process and expand its services to a broader audience. To ensure a smooth transition for’s users and to maintain continuity, SolarFeeds has set up a list of resources and services that align with the former offerings of

  1. About
  2. How It Works
  3. Security Buying
  4. Register
  5. Marketplace
  6. Classifieds
  7. Help
  8. Standard Auctions

SolarFeeds is committed to providing a seamless transition for all users and to continue delivering exceptional value and service in the solar energy market. We welcome the iSolarExchange community to SolarFeeds and look forward to a bright and sustainable future together.

For more information, please contact:

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