The Pavilion of the Rising Sun from Michael Jantzen 0


The Pavilion of the Rising Sun is a proposal for a large public space that gathers energy from the sun
and distributes it out into the local community. The gathered energy is also used to illuminate the pavilion at
night. Energy from the sunlight is converted into electricity through a large array of photovoltaic cells that are
integrated into the top of the structure.
One hundred and twenty-one blue steel columns support the array of photovoltaic cells which also
shade the space below. A large hemispheric curved space, representing the sun, is formed in the center of the
pavilion defined by a series of yellow steel arches. The entire steel portion of the structure is supported and
elevated on a concrete base defined by a series of perimeter steps. Symbolically, the yellow sun appears to be
rising up into the blue sky, which is partially shaded by a grid of gathering dark clouds.
The Pavilion of the Rising Sun is one in a series of my functional-art structures that strives to celebrate
the use of alternative energy in the built environment. My hope is that this pavilion will be built and used in a
public place like a park, for special events, and/or for just relaxing in the warmth of the rising sun.

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