Obama White House Takes Clean Energy Victory Bow 0

White House Energy Czar, Dan Utech,  blogs at the White House blog on the effects of disruptive change in Wind, Solar and Electric Vehicles (EVs).   Utech notes how the decling costs in Wind and Solar PV have caused an explosion of installations as critical points have been passed.
As costs have fallen and acceptance rises, the policies of the Obama administration are showing strong payoffs.  It’s natural for policy makers to take a bow, but, like any performer they should remember they are only as good as their last hit. Growth of Wind and Solar are going to be synergistic with Electric vehicles,  but, policy and regulatory barriers still remain and methods of making these technologies, part of american society must be moved forward.
Passing regulations to require HUD,FHA, VA to preferentially finance and require renewable energy features, such as Single Family housing units that are to be financed by the Federal Government must have a 30 amp
circuit routed to at least one vehicle parking spot  and have features to simplify the installation of rooftop solar.
The Administration has less then 1200 days remaining, can they grow their achievements in clean energy to make their 3rd act even better then the first two?
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