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Those silly kids over at Fox & Friends really went on a rant against solar the other day and capped it off by asserting that the German solar industry does so much better than ours here in the U.S. because, after all, Germany gets so much more sun that we do in the States.  Here’s the clip (courtesy SEIA):

Not surprisingly, there are lots of problems with this report and the folks at SEIA asked us to respond.  We decided to take a somewhat light-hearted approach – here’s our email to Fox & Friends:

Hi Folks –

By now I assume everyone with access to an atlas has fact-checked you on the relative amounts of solar insolation between Germany (very, very low) and the US (awesome!) so I will skip over that.

And I will let my tens of thousands of colleagues in solar companies east of the Mississippi fact-check you about the booming solar market in New Jersey and other “dark” (not really, not so much) states.

Instead, let me share with you two videos from installs that we did last year.  The first is at a school that has been here in Pasadena for 100 years – I think their enthusiasm for the value that solar adds to their educational mission, as well as their bottom line, is quite informative:

The second video involves, literally, “a little old lady from Pasadena.”  From what I could tell, Rachel is probably one of your viewers.  I suspect she would have been surprised to hear your report:

Thank you for your time.


Jim Jenal

If you would like to join in the fun and help educate Fox & Friends about the true value of solar and its not so “dim” future, here’s an email address for you.

You can visit SEIA’s response page here.  Or check out this nice bit of fact-checking over at the Maddow blog.

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