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Most mainstream media coverage of the solar industry during the past year hasn’t been too positive thanks to Solyndra. However, last night the solar industry was portrayed in a very positive light on 2 different shows that are both synonymous with groundbreaking television.

The first was a segment on 60 Minutes about the upcoming attempt by the Solar Impulse project to fly a solar-powered plane nonstop around the world.

Call me biased but I can’t help but think that even people who are ambivalent about solar could not help but be inspired by this story.

The second show that offered up a positive portrayal of solar was on Bravo’s “Shahs Of Sunset” when new cast member Lilly (seen above) pulled up to a fancy Beverly Hills restaurant in her Fisker sports car which has solar panels embedded into its roof to help charge its battery.

Once again, call me biased but I can’t help but think that considering Lilly obviously has the means to afford any car out there her choice of a Fisker makes a statement to vapid television viewers such as myself that sustainability and conspicuous consumption don’t necessarily have to be mutually exclusive.

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