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New York state’s latest initiative to reduce reliance on dirty energy comes in the form of $30 million to support adoption of cutting edge energy efficiency technologies.

Under the Energy Efficiency Market Acceleration Program (EE-MAP), the companies selected will get a lot of help from the state to commercialize their technologies.

“This public-private partnership will help bring innovative green technologies into the marketplace, helping spur economic investment in the clean energy sector and protect our environment, while maintaining New York’s position as a leader in sustainability,” says New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. “By supporting clean energy research and production, the state is helping create green jobs in communities across New York, while ensuring that our environment is protected for generations to come.”

The program aims to attract cutting edge companies to locate in NY State by accelerating deployment and marketing of their technologies; forming strategic alliances and business development opportunities for them; and by training engineers and other key skilled providers to install and maintain their products in the state.

New York Power Authority (NYPA) releasesed a RFP this week to select the companies which will participate in the program. Once selected, companies will identify commercially viable – but not yet widely deployed technologies – that hold significant promise for gaining market share and providing economic development benefits for New York.

Since the 1980s, NYPA has helped public sector customers such as schools, hospitals and municipal buildings shave peak electricity demand by about 225 megawatts (MW), saving $145 million in energy costs.

NYPA is also financing $450 million in energy efficiency projects over the next four years as part of the state’s Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard, which requires energy demand to drop 15% by 2015. Another $350 million is funding projects at the county and local levels, and in schools.

NY State also recently passed laws to support solar development through tax relief and funds for small and large PV systems, and to support fuel cell installations. It also has incentives in place to help fleets convert to electric vehicles. That prompted Smith Electric to set up shop in the state.

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