Michael Jantzen’s Multi-form Building System 0


The Multi-form Building System is a design study for a prefabricated, modular, kit of parts that can be assembled into many different kinds of curved spaces, in order to accommodate many different needs. The basic components would consist of several different sizes of pre-insulated curved, and flat eco-friendly concrete composite panels. Some of the panels form walls and roofs, and others are used for floors. All of the panels are designed to be bolted together with raceways between them for wiring and plumbing.

The same panels can also be used to form many kinds of partially enclosed exterior spaces, some of which can be used to incorporate vegetation. Solar panels of different types can be attached to the curved and/or to the flat Multi-form Building System panels. In addition, rainwater collection, natural ventilation, and natural lighting, are incorporated into the design of some of the panels. When fully developed, the Multi-form Building System will have a very high degree of flexibility in the way in which the kit of parts can be assembled, in order to create a wide variety of eco-friendly building types. Two different building configurations are shown here, building one, and building two. In a world dominated by boxy prefabricated architecture, the Multi-form Building System will strive to offer a truly organic design alternative.

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