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A 1.1-megawatt solar installation on roof of the Macy’s distribution center in New Jersey is an example of what Enfinity America Corporationsees for the future of solar.

Enfinity operates as a solar independent power provider – financing and installing solar arrays and then selling the power back to the client through a power purchase agreement.

Bob Hopper, vice president of business development for Enfinity, said opportunity in the Unites States is growing.

The installation on the Macy’s rooftop was the company’s 42 rooftop solar installation in the country.

“As the market in Europe slows, we’re seeing a lot of growth opportunity in the US,” he said.

The installation on Macy’s was relatively typical of the kinds the company does.

“Our projects range from 500 kilowatts to let’s say 20 megawatts,” he said. “But a 1- to 2-megawatt project like Macy’s is kind of our bread and butter.”

The project was located in a state with plenty of incentives to promote the growth of the solar industry and it involved a high-profile name-brand client.

Clients typically save between 5 and 30 percent of their current utility bill when they sign power purchase agreements. But long-range projections for savings are steeper as energy costs are projected to rise.

Hopper said Enfinity is doing a lot of business in the obvious state where solar is booming – Massachusetts, Colorado, Arizona, New Jersey and California.

It’s also seeing a lot of activity with the military and other Federal and local government entitities. Power purchase arrangements make sense for those clients, he said, because they can’t get the tax benefits on the systems themselves.

Enfinity America is a branch of a Belgium company that has seen its sales slip as the European solar market slows.

“The US is becoming a bigger piece of the pie,” Hopper said. “We’re continuing to see growth potential in distributed generation here.”

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