Logitech’s Updated K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard 0

The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard has been designed keeping in mind size and aesthetics. Users will be able to pair it up with their devices seamlessly and it wouldn’t look out of place amongst Apple’s products. What’s even better is that the keyboard can be paired with up to three devices, allowing users to easily switch between the trio without needing to reconnect.

The K760 also features Mac-specific keys like Brightness, Command and Eject to give users a familiar feel. The concave key design allows for faster typing and better precision than an on-screen keyboard. The keys are well-spaced and don’t feel cramped either. At the top, an array of solar panels with the Logitech logo lines the keyboard, giving it a unique touch compared to standard products. A power button on the right turns the keyboard on and off.

The K760 can operate for three months on a full charge. Aside from sunlight, it also charges itself using artificial light both indoors and outdoors. Eco conscious users will be pleased to know that unlike the earlier versions, the latest model is PVC-free and is packed in a recyclable box to further reduce its carbon footprint.

The K760 will make its way into the United States and Europe this month and will sell for $79.99 a unit. The non-glossy design is bound to go down well with buyers as the earlier versions sported a glossy finish that users said attracted dust and showed up too many fingerprints.

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