Latinos shouldn’t be pawns in fight over rooftop solar power 0

chess-pawnThe three largest utility companies in California – Pacific Gas and Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison – have been using Latinos and others who live in middle- and lower-income communities as pawns in a war against rooftop solar.

Unfortunately, the longer their war continues, the more harm will come to Latinos and other communities of color. We are bearing the brunt of toxic pollution from utility-run coal plants. Latinos, who are concentrated in the drought-stricken Southwest and coastal cities like Miami, are on the front lines of extreme weather caused by climate change.

But, of course, the powerful utilities are looking out for their best interests, not ours. For years they have been trying to buy off Latino legislators to limit the expansion of rooftop solar and increase our community’s dependence on dirty energy that is poisoning us.

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