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We had always wondered why Southeast Asia and Africa were so far behind on solar technology considering how most of the region is far more suitable for tapping the sun’s endless riches, when compared to Europe and North America. Part of the problem is the economic constraints that come attached while lack of political will is a bigger reason. But seems like the wheels have started to roll in the right direction as India, the self proclaimed big brother of the region has now switched on the biggest solar power plant on the planet.

India’s Western state of Gujarat has vast stretch of land that is prime for a solar power park of this magnitude as it the desert land is bathed in sun all year long and is very thinly populated. The new solar power plant in Gujarat will produce 214 megawatts as of now and when it is complete in 2014, it will generate a whooping 500MW of clean solar power. The project is part of the 600MW solar energy power program taken up with another 100MW of solar power already being generated elsewhere.

The solar power park in Gujarat is now spread over 3000acres and it will help India immensely to achieve its target of generating15 percent of clean energy by 2020. That though will still take some doing as currently only 6 percent of the nation’s power consumption comes from green energy sources. But, in a country where clean energy sources are available in plenty, the project in Gujarat will hopefully help kick start a change towards emission free future. On completion, the current solar power plant itself will cut down on emissions by 8 million tones and save 900,000 tons of coal each year.

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