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Food trucks are all the rage, but have actually been around for decades. Street food has now become mobile, and this foodie phenomenon sure beats drive-thru burgers and other traditional fast food options. The food truck trend is moving towards sustainable, local, and organic food in order to bring affordable, tasty, and healthy food to the masses.

Many food truck vendors are taking their sustainable responsibility to the next level by traveling in trucks that use solar power. Here are some of the most popular solar powered food trucks located in a city near you:

Arlington, VA – Solar Crepes

This food truck uses local and organic food from sustainable sources. They also package their food in eco-friendly wrappers. What’s more, their food truck uses a 90-watt solar panel that produces an average 590 watt hours of power every day.

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Portland, OR – Off the Griddle

This portable burger joint serves up vegan and vegetarian food using natural and organic ingredients. Their cart is powered 100% by renewable energy, and the rooftop solar panels produce excess power purchased by Portland General Electric.

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Los Angeles, San Diego, NYC – The Green Truck

This food truck serves up regional, sustainable cuisine including vegan and vegetarian dishes. Also, any cooking oil they use powers their food trucks the next day. The Green Trucks also use solar energy to power their kitchens, giving excess energy produced back to the power grid.

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Nationwide – Sungevity Ice Pop Truck

While not a culinary giant, the Ice Pop Truck (by Sungevity, a solar power company) is traveling across the country giving away free organic ice pops and educating consumers on how affordable and easy investing in solar energy can be. Find out where the Sungevity Ice Pop Truck will be by visiting their website.

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  1. Hello,i live in Puerto Rico and have about 10hrs of sun a day and will like to run about 450w in appliances in my food truck (tv,lights etc.) for about 6 hrs per day i will thank any body who can give me some info on what solar panel and batteries i should buy

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