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Hydropower is an important energy source in the United States, and has remained a relatively steady source of energy over the past several decades. But how well do you understand the landscape of hydropower in the United States?

EIA’s energy in brief is an in-depth analysis of the role of hydropower in the United States. Some important highlights of the resource are:
– Hydropower is the largest renewable electricity source in the United States
– The Pacific Northwest far exceeds the rest of the country in output of hydroelectricity. The Grand Coulee dam in Washington is the largest power plant in the United States, and 5th largest in the world with a net summer capacity of 7,079 megawatts
– The nation’s 25 oldest operating power plants are all hydroelectric, with the oldest beginning in 1891.
Check out EIA’s Energy brief: What is the role of hydropower in the United States in full.

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