How KarmSolar is Helping Rural Egypt 0

KarmSolar recently won a prize for their innovative off-grid, solar-powered water pump. This water pump impressed all the judges, last week in a innovation tournament where it was made public for the first time. All appreciated their design as it would easily have a great impact on a huge number of people, reduce dependency on diesel, and it would be quickly rolled out. This solar-powered water pump can thrust groundwater even in isolated regions that lack easy access to the electricity grid. It will prove to be a boon for Egypt that is prone to extensive energy scarcity as the firm is looking forward to use their prize money to commercialize the pump as early as possible in order to provide highly resourceful off-grid irrigation to the agricultural farms in rural Egypt. This plan will not only help to bring more land under irrigation but will again reduce the dependency on the pumps in the fields that are driven by diesel and electricity.

This project will help in updating the agriculture sector and will enhance the crop production by providing farms with inexpensive and competent solar energy solutions. Similar initiatives that put power back in the hands of the people should be taken up every now and then. The government should also give incentives to install such solar water pumps in the other rural areas across the world so that vast portions of land that lack the irrigation facilities can be efficiently irrigated.

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