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Typically hosted in Shanghai, The SNEC PV Power Expo is perhaps one of the most significant solar power-related annual events in Asia.  A massive proportion of the world’s population is moving away from traditional power sources to solar energy. Therefore, you cannot overlook the value of the Expo. Essentially speaking, the event brings together several key players in the solar industry for a series of educative conferences and product exhibitions. This post provides a comprehensive review of the SNEC Photovoltaic (PV) Power expo, including the event dates and eligible attendees, to name a few. 

The what, where, and who of SNEC Photovoltaic Expo

The SNEC expo is a global-scale Photovoltaic energy generation and innovative energy conference and exhibition. The inaugural SNEC Expo was back in 2007. Over the years, SNEC has evolved and grown in size. In 2007 the exhibition room was approximately 15,000 square meters. Thirteen years down the line, the exhibition scale has grown to more than 150,000 square meters in 2020. 

The event allows local and international companies to showcase their latest inventions for the solar industry. It also comprises a series of conferences where renowned speakers hold educative lectures concerning solar energy. As I mentioned earlier, the SNEC photovoltaic expo is a yearly event. The 15th edition of the event was successfully held in June 2021.

Are you wondering where the event takes place? Well, it takes place in China’s city of Shanghai. The Expo’s venue is in Shanghai’s National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC).  The center is at 228 Pan Zhong Dong Lu Qingpu Qu, Shanghai, China. The SNEC Expo is attracting several key players in the solar industries, including; 

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Solar experts
  • Financial enterprises
  • Solar power consultants
  • Authoritative entities in the field of solar power generation and storage

Also, members of the public are free to attend the event. Any shrewd individual will want to participate in the event. Essentially, it gives you a chance to learn everything you need to know about various solar components, including solar DC cable

Typical agenda of the SNEC Photovoltaic Expo

World governments hope to adopt renewable energy sources by 2060. The main agenda of the SNEC Expo is to empower people to embrace solar energy in their lives. It offers companies and solar professionals an excellent opportunity to showcase their incredible products in China and abroad. The event also allows scholars to voice their cutting-edge ideas on solar energy production, storage, and utilization. Essentially, you can get a foretaste of the general inclination of the entire global solar industry.

The 15th annual SNEC photovoltaic Expo kicked off the summit dialogue of ‘Scholars focusing on the future of green energy within the framework of the dual carbon goal.’ Leading academicians known for their devotion to the enhancement of renewable energy discussed the development of cutting-edge industries. The conference part of the SNEC Photovoltaic Expo offers a plethora of rich and valuable content. The event organizers put together several educative seminars centering on solar energy applications in our daily lives. The main issues addressed include;

  • Solar energy storage
  • Solar direct supply
  • Solar hydrogen production
  • Tech exchange and cooperation in the broad deployment of solar power and its storage

Food and Accommodation at the SNEC Photovoltaic Expo

The success of any event is highly dependent on the quality food and accommodation that guests can access. Well, you don’t have to worry about food and accommodation arrangements when attending the SNEC photovoltaic expo. There are several five-star hotels and restaurants in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) vicinity. 

There are over 1400 hotels and restaurants in the Shanghai area. Essentially, there is something for everyone. You can easily find a fine hotel for only 65 USD per night if you have a low budget for food and accommodation. For those that have refined taste, there are over 170 five-star hotels and restaurants. Whatever choice you choose, you can rest assured that all hotels and restaurants in the NECC vicinity meet all health safety standards. Here is a list of top hotels close to the SNEC photovoltaic expo that are worth considering;

  • The Qube Hotel
  • InterContinental Shanghai Hongqiao
  • Hyatt House Shanghai
  • Hotel Indigo
  • Hyatt Place

General Experience at the SNEC Photovoltaic Expo 

For over 15 years, SNEC event organizers have successfully delivered the experience that any attendant wishes to get. From an extensive product exhibition to exciting speakers and topics, you can rest assured that the SNEC expo will blow your mind away. However, a thrilling experience is not the only thing you will get from the Expo. It also provides an overwhelming chance to acquire lots of knowledge concerning solar energy. 

Recently, a considerable proportion of the world’s population has been raving about the promise of solar energy as an alternate electric power source. For a long time, the cost of harnessing solar power was beyond the reach of many. You need a home solar system to tap into the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity.

 Installing a home solar system was extremely expensive in the past because it requires several components. However, the price of installing a home solar system has dropped drastically over the last ten years due to various technological advancements. Attending the SNEC photovoltaic expo gives you a chance to learn about leading solar panels and cable manufacturers such as ZW cable.

Results of the SNEC Photovoltaic Expo  

It is often challenging to gauge the results of any expo because there many factors in play. Nevertheless, I can confidently say that the SNEC expo has been pretty successful over the years. There were over 3000 industry academicians and 3000 enterprises in attendance at the 15th annual event. Therefore, it is safe to say the Expo was pretty successful. 

The professional acumen and exploration of some of the sector’s key subjects and challenges have helped move the global solar industry forward. More importantly, the event has inspired some cutting-edge solar innovations. In 2021, a leading manufacturer unveiled an advanced solar module while attending the Expo for the second time.

The impact of Covid on the SNEC Photovoltaic Expo  

We’ve all felt the adverse impact of the Covid-19 pandemic at one point or another. Unfortunately, the SNEC expo suffered the same consequences. The preeminent way to minimize the spread of Covid-19 is to implement social distancing regulations. Consequently, the event organizers were forced to restrict attendees for the 2020 and 2021 events to keep everyone safe. 

Also, most international enterprises could not attend the SNEC expo due to travel restrictions. Nevertheless, all SNEC expo events were relatively prosperous due to unprecedented local attendance. Government officials from different regions in China, solar experts, and real estate developers were part of the attendees. More importantly, the SNEC expo’s organizing committee ensures that all guests adhere to Covid-19 protocols. 


All things considered, the SNEC Photovoltaic Expo is all about providing the ultimate educative opportunity for all key players in the solar industry. Still, I can confidently say that solar installers stand to gain a lot from the SNEC Expo experience. Most of the time, clients rely on solar installation service providers for advice on the best solar components. So, how exactly does the Expo benefit installers?

One of the best places to see new solar products

Well, the answer to the question above is pretty straightforward. The SNEC Photovoltaic Expo is one of the world’s largest platforms for showcasing cutting-edge solar tech and merchandise. In essence, it is the best place for anyone to get acquainted with advanced state-of-the-art solar products. 

Excellent networking opportunities

The event also offers an excellent networking opportunity for solar professionals from different parts of the world. Logically, you will get a chance to interact with representatives from leading solar product manufacturers such as Sungrow and Goodwe. Regardless of your area of expertise, networking is the best way to build your career. Most people assume that networking is about forming as many ties as possible but, that is not entirely true. Ideal networking is about developing relations with individuals who can sanction your skills and create new opportunities for you. 

The SNEC Photovoltaic Expo is the best place to create meaningful professional ties. With over 2000 attendees over four days, you can make connections that benefit your career. More importantly, the event helps to build your self-esteem and take you out of your comfort zone. The more folks you meet and interact with during the Expo, the more you feel empowered to step out of your comfort zone. Fundamentally, the event grants you an opportunity to build valuable social skills that will propel your career to the next level. 

Excellent City to travel to

Moreover, the 4-day event is an excellent opportunity to relax and let off some steam. The serene Shanghai environment provides a much-needed break from your daily work life. You .also get to enjoy different mouthwatering meals and high-end accommodation services from Shanghai’s top restaurants and hotels. All in all, it is innocuous to say that the SNEC Photovoltaic Expo is one event you need not miss.          

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