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The green economy is picking up momentum. The year 2012 holds great promise for people looking for green jobs. People across all segments of the United States are beginning to see the importance of environmental sustainability. Government, private industry, entrepreneurs and regular citizens have begun to take up the challenge to take action to save the planet by embracing the newer, greener technologies. Opportunities abound for people with training and ideas who want to find green jobs or create green businesses. They can find positions in government, the corporate world and urban and rural communities which will allow them to use their time, energy and ideas to have a positive impact on the movement to bolster environmental sustainability while earning a great salary.

As 2012 opens many green jobs will become available in the energy sector. President Obama and Vice-President Biden have proposed spending $150 billion on the New Energy for America plan over the next 10 years. These new positions are slated to begin in spring and summer of 2012. They can add tremendous impetus to the green economy. People who have training and preparation can utilize them to help America create and manage the new technologies designed to break the country’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Wind, solar and water power industries are poised for a dramatic influx of new people and ideas necessary to bring the benefits of these renewable clean power sources into the homes and businesses of millions of Americans. Already major corporations have begun to make changes in the way they do business to align themselves with the green wave which is washing over the country. Innovative new farming techniques, the growth of recycling, the production of biodegradable packaging and the design and construction of new more energy efficient homes and offices all portend well for people seeking green jobs in 2012.

People seeking green jobs need not create their own companies. Many major corporations are greening their supply lines and are looking for people with training, ideas and experience to assist them. There is a growing demand for green transportation options. Colleges and universities across the country are gearing up to offer more majors in fields related to environmental sustainability. Federal, state and local governments are looking for people with expertise to design, implement and manage systems and technologies to better utilize their air, water and solar resources. It is truly an exciting time for people interested in environmental sustainability.

From local stores to multinational corporations business leaders see the value and long term impact of ensuring their companies take steps to better manage their resources. In a broad spectrum of industries 2012 is shaping up to be the year of the green jobs.

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  1. True! The solar industry is ‘poised for a dramatic influx of new people’ in the next year. With some of the corporate world’s biggest names like Google and IBM now investing in Solar power, the year 2012 definitely holds great promise for people looking for green jobs!

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