FUTUREWATCH: Solar Powered Bionic Eye 0

A retinal implant or a bionic eye has been developed by scientists at Stanford University in California. It is powered by light as compared to present day implants which are run on batteries. This device uses a unique pair of spectacles to shaft a stream of light into the eye. This sends signals to the implant helping the patient to see. This will also eliminate the need of wiring and other necessary accessories. This wireless implant will help in creation of vision for blind patients and also for patients suffering from retinal or visual disorders.

Today technological advancements are paving ways for innovative and creative solutions to many human health disorders and this bionic eye is an example of using technology for solving medical challenges. This implant has not been used as yet on people but has been tried on rats and has proven to be successful.

The nerves at the back of the eye are stimulated using these retinal implants which eventually generate vision. Restoring sight for a person is like giving him/her a second life. These light powered implants will give a sigh of relief to many as it is easy to use yet trendy. This implant works on the technology similar to solar panels. It has a video camera fitted to pass a beam of light on the retinal chip and let the patients see what is happening before their eyes. Creation of electric signals which are transferred to the nerves of the eye help in generating vision for the blind. These implants are user friendly and eliminate any complicated technological interventions.

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