FUTUREWATCH: Nissan’s Steer-by-Wire Car 0

Using software-controlled electrical wires to control the tires, Nissan’s prototype steer-by-wire car could be in main dealer showrooms as early as next year. 

The system effectively removes the need for mechanically linked steering as it sends an electronic signal to a computer module that then directs the movement of the wheels in response. 

The system is currently used in aeroplanes, but has never before been used in production cars.

The ‘ooh’ factor in this story is that the system is seen by many as the forerunner to driverless cars. 

Those little electric pods that are programmed to cruise you home after a hard day’s work at the office, as you put your feet up on the dashboard and have a snooze. Nothing wrong with that.

Original Article on 2050 Magazine

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