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The ever-growing popularity of clean-sourced energy- solar among the residents and commercial businesses has engendered great sales revenue for solar companies. 

However, with such exponential profit growth, the solar market also experiences a series of particular obstacles related to solar sales – from facing a fiercely competitive customer base to keeping up with fast-changing regulations. 

Confronting sales challenges becomes essential for solar businesses to drive sales and thrive in this competitive market. But how? By focusing on following effective solar telemarketing script.

In this article, you will understand:

  • What is Cold Calling?
  • What Is The Purpose of Cold Calling?
  • The Basics of Follow-up Solar Script 
  • Cold Call Scripts For Different Stages Of The Sales Cycle
  • What Do You Say In A Follow-Up Sales Call?
  • Tips For Solar Panel Telemarketing Calls

All set? Let’s first start with,

What is Cold Calling?

  • Cold calling is an effective sales technique used to reach out to individuals who have not previously expressed interest in your offered products or services. 
  • Sales reps typically prefer using phone or telemarketing approaches for cold calling their potential customers. However, it can also involve in-person visits (door-to-door salespeople).
  • Most of the time, the sales rep only has access to basic information about the customer, such as name, location, company, etc. However, by considering research and buyer personas, they can understand the problems faced by the customer or specific concerns before planning for a phone call.

What Is The Purpose of Cold Calling?

  • One of the major purposes of cold calling is to establish initial contact with your solar customer. Cold calling is where you will introduce yourself, follow up on a prior interaction, or pitch in your solar products or installation services.
  • It functions as one of the best ways to engage with leads one-to-one and move them to the next step in the buying process. Previously, sales reps used to spend time making calls with no effective methods to filter quality leads, hoping they might resonate with someone. 
  • With inbound methodology, customers find themselves searching for products or services on your website and make necessary enquiries, which quickly becomes a potential lead. Cold calls might be baseless and ineffective by such models, but it still has its place in any solar company’s inbound sales strategy
  • Sometimes, choosing digital channels for your solar business may not be enough to close the deal, or you may not have sufficient inbound leads. Outbound sales tactics such as cold calling are cost-effective and harder to ignore than mails. 
  • Besides, you get immediate feedback from the customers about your solar product or services.

The Basics of Follow-up Solar Script 

Before learning about the stages of follow-up calls for your solar script, here are four crucial things to remember before picking up the phone.

1. Set Clear Expectations 

  • Before you plan to give a call to your customer, always set your sales expectation – decide what will be the budget, timeline, and who will make the final decisions. Follow-ups are common in every stage of the sales cycle. 
  • With a pipeline full of qualified leads, you may want to start the outreach process right away. However, prompt sales calls with bits of information usually ends up being uncomfortable and awkward for both you and the customers. 
  • Setting clear expectations for your follow-up call will eliminate uncomfortable details out of the conversation, meaning you can completely focus on following up with your potential solar customer.

2. Consider Using CRM Softwares

  • CRM records every customer interaction – from the initial qualification to closing the deal. As a result, you will get a thorough understanding of your previous conversations, the pain points of your customer, and other valuable sources of information that will help you close the deal more effectively and quickly.

3. Always Think About Your Next Step

  • Say you have called the customer, introduced your solar company, understood their pain points, offered your solar products as the solution, explained their best features, the impressed customer is ready to be on board and wants to install the solar panels, you have closed the deal. What will be your next step?
  • Whether it’s a follow-up call or an after-sales deal, every conversation you have with your customer should sign off with a next step that will continue the following talk.

4. Avoid Using These Phrases

While creating and crafting your follow-up scripts for solar panel telemarketing calls, make sure you avoid using the below-mentioned phrases:

  • “I’m calling to follow up on the proposal I sent”
  • “Just checking to see if you got my email”
  • “Just wanted to know if you made a decision yet?”
  • “I didn’t hear back from you about the proposal”

Such phrases sound downright desperate and often indicate that you don’t have any new information to share with your customer. 

Cold Call Scripts For Different Stages Of The Sales Cycle

Having a solid follow-up strategy and approach will separate your solar business from the dozens of others in the market who call to sell the same prospects as you. When cold calling your lead, you can opt for any of these two approaches:

  • Dial the number, go unprepared, and hope for the best


  • Consider using a follow-up script and lead the call

The second option sounds more of a presentable approach than the first. Even highly experienced sales professionals will recommend you to use a sales script before planning for a cold call.

Here are six different stages of the sales cycle where you would want to use solar cold calling scripts.

1. For Openings

As the famous saying goes – the first impression is the last, make sure you present a warm opening. Introduce yourself, the name of your company, and your position. You need to sound confident, energetic, and clear. Make sure you use a soft and warm tone while greeting your customer. Don’t yell your greeting but be articulate.

For the opening stage, use this script:

Hi, this is [your name] from [company name]. How are you today?

(Pause for a second)

We are trying to get in touch with customers in the [location] area to discuss their energy needs, with a focus on saving money. 

Can you spare a minute? (If yes, go ahead with the conversation and explain the purpose of the call)

As a solar installation company, we have top-tier solar PV systems that help eliminate or reduce your monthly utility bill. 

How much do you pay for your monthly/quarterly electricity bill?

2. For Presentations

Got the prospect on the hook? Prepare your presentation. Now, the presentation of your solar products and services could either be on the call or you can opt for any video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet. If you are choosing a video conferencing platform, share your computer screen and slides with your prospects.

Nevertheless, here is how you should lead your presentation:

Hi [name of the prospect], thanks for taking the time today to know more about our solar products and installation services.

This presentation won’t take much time and I will quickly run you through our range of solar products, their unique features, and how they can benefit you. I will also cover how our installation process works. In case you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Shall we start?

3. For Objections

Sometimes, cold calling and objections go hand in hand. As a sales rep, you may often face objections during cold calling. Here are a few common objections during cold calling and how to tackle them:

  • I’m Busy Right Now

“I don’t want to take up too much of your time. Can we have a quick chat about your challenges with [prospect’s pain points] and how [your product] may help?”

  • I’m Not Interested

“I understand. Can we schedule a follow-up call later? In the meantime, I can send over some information so you can learn more about our products.”

  • Just Send Me Some Information

“I’d be happy to do that, but I want to make sure that the information is relevant to you or your problems. What are you interested in learning about solar?”

If you want to reconnect with a prospect who previously expressed objections, you may use the below script:

Hi [name of the prospect], how are you today?

This is [your name] from [company’s name]. We spoke [insert the time frame] about our solar installation services. 

Can you spare a minute? 

During our previous conversation, you mentioned your concerns with [objection]. I want to address those issues in detail to help you understand how our solar products can help. 

4. For Closings

Closures are imperative during cold calling. Even if you don’t have any plans to close a prospect, you still have to. Regardless of whether your prospect is in the sales cycle or not, you should always get closure. It will help you understand your next steps towards sales.

Use this script to close your solar installation leads:

Hi [name of the protect], how are you today?

I am calling to check-in after our presentation [insert the time frame]. Do you have any questions related to our solar product or installation services?

I also wanted to share this information that we have a few promotions running currently, so it’s a good time to proceed. Do you feel confident moving forward with the deal?

5. Taking Next Steps

Your job doesn’t end after closing the deal. You still need to reach out to your prospect to discuss the next steps related to solar installations.

Consider using this script:

Hi [name of the prospect], how are you today?

This is [your name] from [company’s name]. 

We all are excited to get started on your solar installation project, so I wanted to connect with you and discuss the next steps in the process.

6. Doing Follow-Ups

Don’t forget to follow up on your prospects who were unsure about the solar installation. Having a follow-up call script can help keep your qualified leads in the pipeline.

Hi [name of the prospect], how are you today?

This is [your name] from [company’s name].

Just following up to see if you’ve given any more thought to install a solar system on your property to save on your utility bill?

What Do You Say In A Follow-Up Sales Call?

Already spoken with a prospect, uncovered their pain points, and went through a few questions? The next thing you would want to do is move your potential customer into the consideration stage of the sales funnel. 

Gather all the information of your prospect and restructure your proposal. Make sure the proposal covers their pain points and why they should opt for your solar product or installation services to tackle those issues. 

Using the last sales call will demonstrate insightful values to your prospect and help them make thoughtful decisions.

Here’s a quick follow-up script you might use after your discovery call with the prospect:

Hi [name of the prospect], how are you today?

This is [your name] from [company’s name]. 

I have been thinking more about how our solar company can help you with your problem [reducing monthly electricity bill/savings/be a helping hand towards nature]. I thought you would be interested to see how we helped [mention your previous solar customer’s case similar to the prospect’s issue] deal with those challenges themselves.

Even if you are not ready to make the buying decision, do you have time for a 15-minute call? I can share with you some of the unique features of our solar products and their benefits. Does [select a day] around [time] work for you?”

Extra Tips For Solar Panel Telemarketing Calls

Here are a few handy tips to use for your solar follow-up script:

  • Use a local phone number
  • Make a lasting first impression
  • Highlight and qualify potential customers
  • Send a reminder mail and an agenda
  • Call on time
  • Be persistent, polite, and professional
  • Be prepared for a long call
  • Ask relevant questions


  • Remember, the important thing is that you follow up on your prospects after the initial call. Give an effective and impactful introduction about yourself that hooks the interest of the prospect. Make sure you ask relevant and compelling questions. Address their pain points and how your solar company can help tackle those issues. 
  • The more you practice, the more comfortable you will become with your follow-up scripts. If required, make necessary changes that best suit you. Follow these tips and watch your solar sales skyrocket like never before.
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