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By observing the ever-rising demand for automobiles in the world, technologists put their efforts to make electric vehicles in order to save natural resources of fossil fuels and the environment as well because such vehicles are emission free. Car Rental in Dubai companies also started renting cars based upon the V2G model that works by storing and converting solar energy. 

Why was there a need for EV technology?  

As you know the combustion of fossil fuel in auto engines is not only causing environmental pollution but is also responsive to the depletion of natural resources. To save natural resources and the environment, electric vehicles were introduced which ignited on the basis of a charged battery with no emission. 

But due to lack of expensive battery resources, technologists have brought a modification in vehicles to make their grids efficient for storing solar energy and by converting solar energy into electrical energy. Now these V2G based vehicles will save your money as well because of using the cheapest and excessive solar energy. 

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What do we know about the V2G model?

V2G model is a modern “vehicle to grid” technology that makes possible pushing back of energy to the power grid from an electric vehicle’s battery. This modern advancement is based upon Whether a battery should be charged or discharged. Are you thinking about how it can be evaluated? Yes, it can with some signals given by electric batteries to consume and produce energy.

You know what before the idea of vehicle-to-grid, some other ideas like V2V and V2H were also in efforts to be applied by transferring energy resources from vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to home. But V2G is the best ever advancement up till now due to its smart regular charging capacity. 

This smart charging will facilitate you in controlling the charging and discharging of electric motors. Moreover, this vehicle-to-grid will utilize back the charged power to the grid to balance energy consumption and production changes in your car. So, next time before renting a car, make sure that your rented auto is based upon a V2G model.

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When this V2G technology will work in your car?

It’s not difficult to drive the wheels based upon V2G. But there are some conditions only in which your car’s V2G system can be practiced. Firstly, your electric vehicle should have maximum energy in the batteries. So, before departing from a place, try to confirm whether your EV has enough energy or not. We suggest you keep your battery of electric motor charged up to 70-90% to work with the V2G strategy. 

Most importantly you should be aware of how to plug and unplug the car after its full charging. If you think you are not able to communicate with such services, you can ask for an EV driver from the car rental Dubai market. Despite this, you will also observe that your automated grid balancing will end when you will start to use your fully charged battery. In short, V2G will assist you in balancing your auto grid when it is plugged in. 

Advantages of using “EV to Grid Model” based motor cars

Besides gaining active power support by storing excess solar energy, you can also gain a number of benefits from this V2G based system. Here are some advantages of using vehicle-to-grid technology.

  • V2G autos have also solved the issue of expensive fuels. Now you don’t need to rely on the expensive fuel because of the alternative V2G system which is more economic and budget-friendly. Do you think only V2G technology is enough for your luxury vehicle? Not at all, you should also buy a battery plug-in to make your drive efficient and financially beneficial.
  • You can also take advantage of this system in real estate by installing this smart charging device. Before installing, check the complete electric system and circuit installations of your building because sometimes electric connections cause a barrier in the installation of EV charging systems. So, if you find any malfunction in electric circuits, upgrade your connection before using the vital EV charging strategy for your household purposes.
  • It will also facilitate you in the time-shifting services because of its advanced storage potential which will enable it to provide the energy required in even a limited timeframe. Initially, energy is absorbed in this service which is then supplemented with a less expensive alternative source of power. This will be then used by you to sell in the time of peak demand for power. 

If you are planning an international trip to any area of the world, prefer to rent only those vehicles which work on the V2G based strategy because you can get short of fuel in a hilly area while exploring the country. In case of the absence of such motors, you can ask them to install V2G during your UAE trip.

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EV to Grid model empowering storage of solar energy

Electric vehicles based upon the V2G model facilitated various activities. One of the most important issues resolved by the V2G system is the storage of solar energy. Now, you can use a number of ways to use stored active power support because of the bidirectional communication of such motors. 

It was observed that excessive energy was wasted in the past. But now you can take advantage of the fact that your additional stored energy will not be wasted but will be returned to different aggregators and utilities through a smart grid to some specific charging stations and parking lots. This active power support will aim to simplify all the power utility demand.

Thus, by pushing back excessive energy to power storage stations, you can store more solar energy which can be pushed back to the station again so that you can utilize the maximum energy of the sun. As you need energy to power electricity, heat, autos, and many other basic activities of life, scientists designed this system to fulfill energy needs in an environment-friendly way. 

So, we suggest you demand an auto with advanced technology from the Dubai auto rental company which will maintain your budget as well and enjoy the tour without any fear of a shortage of fuel. 

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