Energy storage, batteries flourish at SPI 2014 0

las-vegas-convention-centerWhether it is ultimately the PV industry that pulls the battery and energy storage industry up with it as it expands, or whether battery and energy storage ultimately pushes PV along, what became clearer at the SPI 2014 show last week is that the two sectors are becoming more inextricably intertwined.

Last week’s SPI confab in Las Vegas showed just how intertwined the energy storage and PV sectors have become.

Perhaps the most notable among battery and energy storage launches was Enphase’s AC Battery unit, powered by Daiwa House-backed ELIIY Power lithium-ion chemistry, and offering 1.2 kWh of energy storage with a 275 Watt to 550 Watt power output. Enphase is rolling out pilot tests in the United States, Europe and Australia and will begin shipping it early in 2015. “We want to do for energy storage what we’ve done for PV,” says company co-founder Raghu Belur.

Among many other notable announcements from battery and energy storage companies during the show were the following:

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