Electric Vehicles Running on Moonlight? 0

EVs will soon be able to be powered not only by sunlight but also with moonlight thanks to German architect Andre Broessel whose new spherical glass solar energy generator, the ß.torics, will allow electric cars to recharge using moonlight.

According to a story published on the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) web site, the sun-tracking glass globe allows sunlight and moonlight to concentrate up to 10,000 times and it is said to be 35 percent more efficient than existing dual-axis photovoltaic designs.

“Striking design like the ß.torics can help transform perceptions of sustainable energy as well as the potential of electric vehicles,” said an ETA spokesperson.

According to rawlemon.com, the official site for the ß.torics, there are different uses for this solar energy generator. The design allows for it to be mounted on the side of buildings or in a mobile unit to provide power for heating, recharging an EV or other domestic uses.

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