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Out of all the renewable energy sources out there, solar energy is arguably the most popular. This is primarily because the sun is incredibly accessible to everyone, and so no matter where you are in the world, you have the chance to harness the sun’s power. Because of solar’s accessibility and popularity, it is no surprise that the solar industry has been steadily growing these past few years. And as the market continues to expand, so will the demand. And as of right now, one of the demands of solar customers is to have solar panels that are easy to install and easy to manage — practically do-it-yourself (DIY). As solar installers, it is your job to provide these customers with these DIY solar panel kits.

Fortunately for you, there are a lot of manufacturers and wholesalers out there that can help you with this. So, if you’re in a dire need of DIY solar panel kits for your customers, here are ten companies that you can start looking up.

Top Manufacturers and Wholesalers for DIY Solar Panel Kits


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When it comes to DIY solar panel kits, Renogy is one of the most popular suppliers in the market. Started out as a small project by students at Louisiana State University, Renogy has been able to become a healthy and flourishing company that produces solar products, thanks to the help and support of the Louisiana Business and Technology Center. 

Renogy takes pride in supplying the best solar products on the market — regardless of the size. They supply products for homes, businesses, recreational vehicles, boating, and virtually any other application. Some of their best products that are perfect for DIY are the 100-watt 12-volt monocrystalline solar starter kit and the 400-watt 12-volt solar starter kit.

Grape Solar

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Grape Solar became incorporated in the states of Delaware and Oregon in June 2009. And since then, this renewable energy company has specialized in producing solar products that come in a variety of sizes. That is why their solar solutions can be applied to homes and even independent situations, such as climbing expeditions or camping. Portability is another component that Grape Solar focuses on. 

For DIY solar panel kits, the company’s most popular products are the 100-watt basic off-grid solar kit and the 400-watt off-grid solar kit. Both of these kits feature polycrystalline solar panels, which make the units a bit more economical in terms of pricing but slightly less efficient in terms of the solar conversion process. That said, these two do come with a charge controller that is noticeably high-quality. 

HQST Solar

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HQST Solar is a solar company that is based in Ontario, Canada. The company offers a complete selection of equipment for recreational, residential, and commercial applications. In particular, they are well-known for supplying solar panels for recreational vehicles. But their solar panels can be applied to other applications as well. 

For DIY solar panel kits specifically, their best product would be the monocrystalline solar panel kit. This is because this kit is designed specifically for customers who are new to solar. The panels are easy and convenient to install since they have pre-drilled holes on them and Z brackets for fast mounting and securing. They can also be used in various off-grid applications that include 12 and 24 volts arrays, water pumping systems, signalling systems, and other off-grid applications. Additionally, the whole system’s ideal output is 2000 Wh per day, and it can fully charge a 100 Ah battery from 50% in 1.5 hours (that is, depending on the availability of sunlight).


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Based in Ventura, California, WindyNation is a solar company that manufactures components for small wind and solar generators, with an emphasis on the growing community of do-it-yourselfers (DIYers). All of the company’s products are designed with the sole intention of making high-quality and low-cost alternative home power solutions. And these products are available for customers all over the world.

A popular product of theirs that is perfect for DIY is the 100-watt solar panel off-grid kit. This kit features one of the best controllers in any solar kit out there, and it also has an LCD display that shows statistical data, such as voltage and the solar state based on the panel output of this kit.

Eco-Worthy Solar

Eco-Worthy Solar | Reviews, product prices, contact, CEO

Eco-Worthy Solar has been manufacturing and selling solar products and other renewable energy products since 2002. Founded by several eco-friendly passionate engineers, the company offers a complete line of home solar power systems, solar panels, solar panel kits, and other solar components. Additionally, they provide a large selection of solar panel systems, ranging from 5 W to 1 KW.

The Eco-Worthy off-grid solar power system is a perfect product for DIY. This kit comes with four pieces of 100-watt polycrystalline solar panels as well as a 100-watt pure sine wave inverter, 30A PWM charge controller, solar cable adapter, Y Mc4 connectors, and Z brackets. 


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PluggedSolar is a brand name of the company ENSUPRA LLC, which is a corporation from Texas that has been in the business since 2010. This particular company takes pride in the fact that its technology converts solar panel electricity by making it available to be plugged into an outlet. In other words, PluggedSolar panels can be simply put over the rail, and they will automatically clip in. As a result, the company is perfect for DIY. 

In particular, their crystalline solar residential kit is notable for DIY solar. This kit includes six polycrystalline solar panels (240 watts), and it can generate an average of 2500 kWh of electricity per year for life. This kit also comes with wireless solar power and energy generation (watt and kWh). 

Go Power! 

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Started out as a small Canadian distributor of solar energy products, Go Power! has currently become one of North America’s leading suppliers of recreational and business solar solutions. The company is now a subsidiary of the Californian company Valterra products. And they provide a full range of high-quality solar chargers, inverters, controllers, and power accessories, which are all dependable and cost-effective mobile power solutions when grid power is unavailable or unsustainable.

For DIY solar, the Go Power! the complete solar power system is a great product. This kit has everything that is needed to hook up a solar and inverter system. Additionally, it does not require fuel nor maintenance, and so it doesn’t create a lot of noise. It is undoubtedly a completely green power solution. 

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ALLPOWERS was established in 2010, and since then, the company has focused on portable solar power combined with a portable lithium battery. They manufacture for customers from over 30 countries. In addition to that, they have also cooperated with other famous solar companies, such as Hanergy, Decathlon, Master, and GEEPAS.

The ALLPOWERS 100-watt solar panel kit is a great option for new solar DIYers. For one thing, this kit is not as expensive as the other kits, but it still offers some great advantages. Its perks include a flexible panel, an 18-volt output, and a super simple mounting design. Aside from that, the kit also boasts a 21% panel efficiency rating, which is impressive compared to the standard 15% efficiency rating of other panels. 


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Based in Los Angeles, California, ACOPower is dedicated to providing off-grid and portable power solutions to the market. Particularly, In particular, the company strives to satisfy the needs of its diverse group of customers — ranging from DIYers, campers, RV or boat owners, survivalists, to disaster relief workers. 

Out of their product line, the ideal option for DIY solar is the 3X35W solar panel kit. This kit has a useful and unique folding panel design, and so, it makes assembly and packing up incredibly easy. Aside from that, the panels also boast a lightweight and compact design, making the assembly even easier. This panel kit also comes with a LandStar 10A PWM charge controller, as well as a USB output and alligator clamps for battery charging. And to top it all off, this is an incredibly affordable option. 

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Takeaway: Looking for Manufacturers/Wholesalers of DIY Solar Panel Kits?

The rise in the popularity of the solar industry means that there is also a rise in new sectors of the solar market. In particular, there is a growing demand for DIY solar among solar customers, and as a solar installation business, you have to cater to that demand. Luckily, there are manufacturers and wholesalers who provide solar panel kits that are ideal for DIYers. So, in a way, you’ve already got help in this endeavour.

That is why if you’re planning on expanding the range of your business to include DIY solar, the companies mentioned above can help you. They are only some of the manufacturers and wholesalers of DIY solar panel kits, but they’re a good place to start your search. So, look through each of them. Find the ones you like, and if you want, you can go look for other companies. Make sure you find a reliable manufacturer of DIY solar panel kits so that you’ll be able to provide quality service to your customers. 

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